Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl: Every Time the Pop Megastar Was on Camera During the Big Game

Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl: Every Time the Pop Megastar Was on Camera During the Big Game

OUT: Tracking Taylor Swift’s private jet as she made her way to Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII.

IN: Tracking Taylor Swift’s every on-camera moment during the biggest football game of the year.

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While the Kansas City Chiefs might have been the big game’s official champions, besting the San Francisco 49ers 25 to 22 in overtime, can’t we all agree that the mega pop star kinda won the night?*

(*We know many of you in fact will not agree with that hypothesis, and we look forward to reading your measured, reasoned, totally kind comments at the bottom of the post!)

To cap TVLine’s coverage of the 2023-2024 NFL season (Taylor’s Version), we chronicled every time Swift (aka the special lady friend of Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce) showed up on screen during CBS’ broadcast Sunday night. After literally jetting to Nevada following her previous evening’s tour stop in Tokyo, it was the least we could do! From Swift’s arrival at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium to their post-win smooch, we were there. And by “there,” we mean “sitting on our couches, staring at our TVs, trying not to get chips and guac on our laptops.”

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If you’re looking for a detailed play-by-play of the big game… you know which site you’re reading, right?  But if you’re interested in a rundown of every time the Super Bowl telecast saw fit to put Taylor Alison Swift on the screen, consider this our friendship bracelet to you.

We started with CBS’ pregame coverage and logged every cut to the pop queen. All times are approximate (but pretty damn close, if we do say so). Scroll down to see all of Swift’s reactions, then hit the comments with yours!

TIME: 1:19 pm PT

Swift has arrived! She enters the stadium in absolute style with Ice Spice and her mom, Andrea.

TIME: 1:28 pm PT

Hugs all around! Swift shares an embrace with Jason Kelce — while his shirt is still on.

TIME: 1:32 pm PT

Swift chats it up with Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie, as her dad listens in. What could they be talking about? Swift’s jet lag, perhaps?

TIME: 2:03 pm PT

The Chairman of the Tortured Poets Department and Ice Spice exchange more secrets ahead of kickoff.

TIME: 2:08 PT

The most influential person in football talks with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

TIME: 2:52 pm PT

More Swift and Ice Spice! Plus, music producer Riot is in the mix. Are they plotting their future performances at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium?

TIME: 3:26 pm PT

Are you ready for it? The game is just about to begin as Swift and celeb pal Blake Lively vibe to Post Malone’s rendition of “America the Beautiful.”

TIME: 4:25 pm PT

Swift and Lively deliver big reactions to a dramatic catch made by Chiefs player Mecole Hardman. Kansas City, however, didn’t get to have nice things — they turned the ball over in the very next play. Worst of all? We weren’t even afforded a second cutaway to Swift!

TIME: 5:08 pm PT

Shortly after slamming a beer to the delight of the crowd, Swift and her pals rallied around each other before halftime. And look: Lana Del Rey has quietly joined the box crew!

TIME: 5:58 pm PT

The Chiefs may be losing 10-3, but Swift just keeps dancing like she’s 22.

TIME: 6:10 pm PT

Swift and Keleigh Teller celebrate Beyonce’s big announcement a first down on the field.

TIME: 6:21 pm PT

Finally, Kelce makes a catch! It’s no 13th Grammy, but still something to celebrate.

TIME: 6:25 pm PT


TIME: 6:25 pm ET

Now that the Chiefs have taken the lead, the Swift squad can’t stop jumping, hugging and spinning in their highest heels!

TIME: 6:47 PT

Kelce catches a crucial pass. Miss Americana loses her mind.

TIME: 6:57 pm PT

It’s a literal nail-biter when Kansas City and San Francisco are tied, 16-16, with 3:22 left in the game.

TIME: 7:14 pm PT

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” Swift chants as she embraces her pals after Kelce got some serious yardage with 10 seconds left in regular play.

TIME: 7:41 pm PT

Tension is high during the Chief’s overtime possession.

TIME: 7:45 pm PT

Hold her steady! It’s a close one!

TIME: 7:47 pm PT

And the Chiefs win the Mirrorball Lombardi Trophy! (Yup, she’s in there!)

TIME: 8:06 pm PT

While Kelce sings a loud and profoundly off-key “Viva Las Vegas” from the podium, Swift looks on with pride. That, folks, is love.


Kelce finally makes his way to Swift, who congratulates him with a kiss.


Swift doesn’t have the fan she employed at the Grammys, but that isn’t going to stop her from blocking prying eyes from figuring out what she’s telling Kelce.

TIME: Mystical time, cutting me open then healing me fine

And with a throwback to the hug, we’re out!

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