Team GB light-heavyweight prospect Ramtin Musah wants to prove to himself he can be 'the best'

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The 23-year-old, who became English National Champion back in 2021, is seen as bright British prospect ahead of the 2024 Olympics.

Musah is currently plying his trade with Team GB and joined the squad on a training camp to Kazakhstan in March.

"As much as it was a great camp, the training is very competitive," the boxer told Planet Sport. "You go to these training camps, and they have a minimum of three to four [fighters] in each weight. Each of them as good as each other.

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"The number one could beat the number three, the number three can beat the number one. They make it very competitive. "Even if they're the world champion, they still undergo trials and tests. You have to have a gym bout against the number two who won the Nationals.

"It's always a battle. They've always got to put a stamp of authority on their spot in the team so it's very competitive.

"They always keep quite a few Kazaks around in training so that the number one never slacks off."

Musah has gradually moved up from middleweight and revealed he is currenlty enjoying competing at light-heavyweight.

The youngster enjoyed his first tournament at the new weight last November when he reached the final in Tampere, Finland. He said: "I really enjoyed it. One of the only tournaments in the last couple of years that I've enjoyed the whole [event]. "I was able to enjoy the food, the atmosphere. Normally I'm a bit more miserable because the whole weight-making process and waiting to box becomes very dreary and long. "Because I was able to eat and I was less miserable, I was able to enjoy my time there. I just felt better with my performance and everything like that." When asked where he drives his motivation from in the sport of boxing, Musah said: "It is a bit of everything. You can't draw motivation from one aspect. "When I first went into the sport, I didn't have the bigger goal of becoming a world champion because that's quite a big daunting goal if you think of it like that. "You go into it with baby steps 'I want to win this and win that'. When I became National Champion, I wanted to box for England, I want to go here and there. Then, there was the opportunity to box for Great Britain.

"You must have a hunger to be the best. I just want to prove that to myself - that I am the best. I've got little goals for myself and every time I hit them, I look back and think 'I've come so far but I'm nowhere near where I want to be'.

"In my head now, this isn't touching the surface of where I want to be in life, with my boxing."

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