Team Sussex are full of hate for our elegant Princess of Wales

The Prince and Princess of Wales arrive to attend the Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall
The Prince and Princess of Wales arrive to attend the Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall

In Endgame, his second hagiography of Harry and Meghan, author Omid Scobie variously describes the Princess of Wales as “cold”, “keen” and “inscrutable”.

Damning the Princess with faint praise, he writes: “Comfortable in her role, willing to bring the requisite smile and elegance to her duties as princess, Kate glides under the radar.”

He refers to an incident when he saw Kate in “fits of giggles”, and suggests the future Queen should reveal more of herself: “I always thought this more frank, real side of the sometimes Stepford-like royal wife was something that others should see more of.”

While I agree the Princess should be heard as well as seen, where has oversharing ever got the Royals?

Both the King and Diana, the late Princess of Wales, bitterly regretted pouring their hearts out on prime time.

Harry and Meghan have been forced to row back on some of the more outrageous claims they made in their Oprah Winfrey interview, which has since become a parody of itself. Their repeated outpourings have only served to diminish them in the eyes of a cringing global public. That South Park episode, featuring a young royal couple who move to a small town in search of privacy while simultaneously constantly drawing attention to themselves, said it all.

Conversely, it is precisely because Kate is not a brash blabbermouth that she remains so endearingly popular. Like the late Queen, she is a reluctant royal. She’s an introvert. She’s a conflict avoider. She keeps calm and carries on. She’s very English – which perhaps goes a long way to explaining why she didn’t get on with an uninhibited, over-confident American.

Scobie suggests that “on more recent occasions, Kate has jokingly shivered when Meghan’s name has come up around her.”

Who can blame her? She has repeatedly been thrown under a bus by her sister-in-law, seemingly for committing the crime of seeing straight through her meaningless word salad and tiresome pursuit of victimhood. And this is precisely why Endgame won’t damage the Princess of Wales in the slightest.

The mystique that surrounds Kate, unlike Meghan, means no attack will stick, because all anyone sees of the Princess is her public service. She’s full of grace, whereas Team Sussex seem to be full of hate. It’s a classic case of class versus brass.

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