Ted Lasso's Phil Dunster Is As Obsessed With Brett Goldstein And Roy Kent As We Are

 Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster in Ted Lasso Season 3.
Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster in Ted Lasso Season 3.

One of the most precious relationships to come out of Ted Lasso, specifically Season 3, was the bromance between Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt. The duo was absolutely adorable on screen as Jamie taught Roy how to ride a bike and the coach trained the player to be a better teammate. It turns out, the actors behind these two, Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster, love each other possibly even more than their characters do, and I treasure the fact that the Jamie actor is as obsessed with his co-star as we are.

Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster absolutely adore each other, and that’s been as clear as day for a long time now. Back in May, the Jamie actor told me about his love for the Roy Kent performer and how it affects their on-screen relationship, noting that he has a “deep, deep love” for Goldstein. Well, that feeling has only grown, because right before the winners of the 75th Emmys were announced, Dunster, once again, opened up about why he cherishes his co-star so much, telling EW:

As an actor, he’s someone who will never try to win a scene. He’ll always let the scene win. And the same sort of [thing] emanates through the rest of his life. But he’s also a naughty, silly boy, and he’s taught me a lot about just – I don’t know – not taking everything quite so seriously and just enjoying it. And I love him, and he’s just got great eyebrows.

You better believe this is a two-way street too. Back in July, when Goldstein and Dunster found out they were both nominated for supporting actor Emmys, the man behind Roy Kent actor gushed about his co-star, congratulating him on his first Emmy nomination and his run as the jerk-turned-sweet team leader on Ted Lasso.

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From left to right: Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent and Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt.
From left to right: Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent and Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt.

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It’s no secret that the entire Ted Lasso cast absolutely adores each other. However, something about Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein’s bromance pulls at my heartstrings. Both actors appreciate each other, and as illustrated by the quote above, the first-time Emmy nominee admires his two-time Emmy-winning co-star immensely, and that love goes both ways.

Sadly, following the end of Ted Lasso Season 3, it seems like the show has come to a permanent close. However, if they find a way to return to AFC Richmond, hopefully, it includes lots of screentime for Jamie and Roy. Although, if it turns out we did say our final goodbyes to these two characters and one of Apple TV+’s best shows last spring, I’m optimistic that Dunster and Goldstein will find a way to work together again.

As the Emmy nominee stated, he adores working with the Roy Kent actor. So, while they may not appear on screen together during the 2024 TV schedule, hopefully, they’ll reunite in the near future. And if not, we’ll always have AFC Richmond and the Jamie + Roy bromance, because Ted Lasso is available to stream with an Apple TV+ subscription.