Teddi Mellencamp Shares Tearful Video amid Latest Melanoma Diagnosis: 'The World Still Turns No Matter What'

“Yes, there are moments I just want to stay in bed and ignore the world,” the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star said, adding that she was 'turned down for life insurance'

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Rick Kern/WireImage

Teddi Mellencamp

Just one day after revealing she discovered another melanoma on her back, Teddi Mellencamp said she was turned down for life insurance.

On Thursday, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 42, posted a tearful video on Instagram as she went for a run, sharing that movement has helped her get through her latest melanoma diagnosis.

“Even on your toughest days, movement will help get you through it,” she said. “I’ve been running the gamut of emotions since my latest melanoma diagnosis — and yes, there are moments I just want to stay in bed and ignore the world. But the world still turns no matter what, so getting out there and moving my body, releasing my emotions, fixing my mindset— that’s the key.”

While in tears, Mellencamp explained that staying active helps her “let things go,” noting the anxiety she’s been feeling after her melanoma diagnosis has forced her to have difficult conversations.

“I’m all for positive manifestation, what you believe you can achieve, all that. But I’m also about having the hard conversations with ourselves,” she said in the clip. “And I’m just thinking about all the things I can't control — that I was turned down for life insurance or I haven’t written a last will and testament.”

“And I truly do believe it’ll be a long time before I ever need those things, but I have to do it. I have to take action and not talking about the hard things doesn’t make them go away, it just makes them fester," she continued. "But we can all do this together. We can fight the good fight.”

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The day prior, Mellencamp shared an image of her latest melanoma that was discovered. She said she was debating sharing the news publicly, but remembered that in the past, it served as a reminder to others to get checked for skin cancer.

“I found out late yesterday afternoon that the most recent spot biopsied is another melanoma. I can’t even remember if this is the 12th or 13th one,” she began. “At this point, I am starting to black-out these memories like a portion of my childhood. I slept maybe 2 hours last night because my mind was racing.”

“I am so grateful for my 3-month checkup because we caught this one early. This means another surgery next week and additional biopsies,” she explained. “As I lay here with tears in my eyes and worry, I know my kids will be up soon. I have a podcast at 10. Life goes on. I am also reminded of my faith and the reminder I keep telling myself, ‘We can do hard things.’ We have so many beautiful things to look forward to.”

Mellencamp then encouraged her followers to make a list of things they’re grateful about and excited for if they’re “feeling lost or scared.” She admitted that she’s posting about it as a way to hold herself accountable to do the same.

“Off to get my notepad and 🖊️. We have got this,” she ended. “Love to you all. We are not alone. 💕@curemelanoma #skincancerawareness.”

<p>Teddi Mellencamp/Instagram</p> Teddi Mellencamp reveals new melanoma

Teddi Mellencamp/Instagram

Teddi Mellencamp reveals new melanoma

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Mellencamp’s journey with skin cancer began in March 2022 when she was exercising with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Kyle Richards, who noticed spots on her back.

"She looked at my back and said, 'Listen, I know that I've talked to you about these spots before, but they look different — one of them has a black dot in the middle,' " she previously recalled to PEOPLE.

It turned out to be the first of 12 melanomas the reality star would need removed over the next eight months as she faced Stage 2 skin cancer.  Mellencamp, who co-hosts the podcast Two T's in a Pod with fellow ex-housewife Tamra Judge, has since documented her skin cancer journey on social media.

In December 2022, Mellencamp told PEOPLE that the surgeries to remove her melanomas were successful and she is cancer-free — and not genetically predisposed to other cancers.

She admitted that she’s lucky she learned of her cancer when she did — the five-year survival rate is more than 90% if detected early — and she wants to keep speaking up to encourage others to do the same.

"During the pandemic, we avoided things that we thought weren't essential. But skin checks are essential," Mellencamp said at the time. "We've seen how quickly it can turn from one melanoma to 12. So when your doctor says, 'See you in three months,' it's three months."

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