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Teen girls open up TikTok discussion about wearing traditional Indian dresses to prom

Two high school girls have gone viral after posting a TikTok video sharing that their moms want them to wear traditional Indian dresses to prom.

Cousins Hannah and Taniya (@bigphatb****mama) revealed that their mothers want them to wear a traditional lehenga to their prom. A lehenga is an ankle-length skirt that, in Indian culture, is generally worn to formal or festive occasions. Depending on the occasion, there are several ways to decorate it, including different patterns or embroidery, but the garment itself is a mainstay of big events.

The two were clearly unhappy in the video, but commenters rushed to offer support.

“I wore a lehenga to prom, trust me it’s so worth it,” @bhoomip20 wrote.

“Wearing a lehenga to prom was the best decision i’ve ever made,” @leelalanglois replied.

The two posted a follow-up video responding to everyone sharing their experiences.

“We had our prom stuff planned out since sophomore year of high school,” Hannah said. “I’m doing an Indian-fusion look. I’m wearing an American dress, wedding henna and Indian jewelry. It’s just my mom wants me to wear an Indian outfit.”

The duo wanted to make it known that they don’t hate Indian culture or the dresses, and even though their mothers told them to wear traditional outfits, the directive wasn’t as forceful as the original video made it seem.

“We love Indian clothes. We wear them all the time,” Taniya said. “We only have one prom and we’re going to have weddings and everything to wear lehengas anytime.”

“American dresses, we don’t really get to wear dresses like that,” the two said back and forth. “So obviously we’re going to wear it.”

Although the two said they would wear American outfits, the option to wear a lehenga was still on the table for Taniya.

She posted a video showing three options for lehengas if she does decide to wear one.

The two even posted a video of them wearing lehengas to further bolster the point of them honoring their Indian heritage — even if it wasn’t at prom.

Their prom hasn’t happened yet, but with these videos going viral, TikTokers might see more of them once prom season rolls around.

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