Telegraph Fantasy Football 16/17 tips: Is this the second coming?

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Second coming: will Gabriel Jesus be on your shopping list this weekend?
Second coming: will Gabriel Jesus be on your shopping list this weekend?

Most Telegraph Fantasy Football managers are down to their last few transfers so it's worth a look at fixture list for the final few weeks before committing to any serious team surgery.

Kicking off with this weekend we have:


  • West Ham v Tottenham


  • Man City v Crystal Palace

  • Bournemouth v Stoke

  • Burnley v West Brom

  • Hull v Sunderland

  • Leicester v Watford

  • Swansea v Everton


  • Liverpool v Southampton

  • Arsenal v Man Utd


  • Chelsea v Middlesbrough

On paper, City have a great run offering massive TFF points potential:

  • Man City v Crystal Palace

  • Man City v Leicester

  • Man City v West Brom

  • Watford v Man City it's really just a case of deciding which players the points might be coming from.

Gabriel Jesus scored on in Week 38 and with Aguero suffering a potential season-ending injury, the Brazilian should be guaranteed a place in the starting XI.

At just £5.0m Jesus could free up a bit of budget for you elsewhere in your fantasy team and, since less than 2% of managers currently have him, he could really help catapult your team past your league rivals during the final month.

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