Tension? What tension? LIV golfers expect no drama between LIV and PGA Tour players at Masters

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Despite the ongoing feud between the two golf leagues, the world's top players plan on treating the year's first major as a routine situation. The Saudi-backed LIV series has attracted several big names from the PGA Tour, leading to the PGA's ban on those who moved to the rival series for the promise of a record $25 million purse and 54-hole events. While a court battle is set to play out into 2024, major tournaments have not restricted qualifying, making them the only stage where LIV and PGA players will face each other. Watson and Reed emphasized that the awkwardness between the two groups is only media-generated. Watson has even planned to team up with PGA players Jason Day and Cam Young in the par-3 event, and has been asked by other players to play some practice rounds. "I'm going to be honest, man. It's only awkward in the media," two-time Masters winner Watson said. "I've talked to people that are going to be there. "I'm going to sign up with (PGA players) Jason Day and Cam Young in the par-3. Some guys have already asked me to play some practice rounds." Reed, who won the Masters in 2018, said that there is no battle for the top honour on tour, just the fight for the green jacket symbolic of Masters supremacy. "The storylines are going to be obviously LIV versus PGA Tour and all that kind of stuff, but really at the majors, all the guys that come in, top players in the world are playing against each other no matter where they come from," Reed said. "It doesn't matter what tour they're on or anything. It's the top guys going and trying to play for one of the most coveted events in the world. "For us, at least for myself, it's going to be business as usual going out and playing. Would I like to have LIV be up at the top? Of course." Koepka, who spends time with PGA major winners like Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy near their homes in Jupiter, Florida, agreed that there is no animosity between players from the different tours. "That's one of the big things," he said. "Down in Jupiter, I was just with Rory and J.T. yesterday, and I think Keegan (Bradley) was there. We see each other quite a bit. "There are a lot of conversations. I was talking with Rory for probably about 30 minutes… no one is angry at anybody from what I've seen." McIlroy has strongly backed the PGA Tour and its efforts to generate more high-level tournaments with larger prize money. "Protecting his entity, man," said Watson. "He's protecting his business, which is fine."

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