Terrifier 3 director teases the most horrific scenes in the franchise to date, and we thought the bleach and salt scene was bad enough

 Art the Clown in Terrifier 2.
Art the Clown in Terrifier 2.

Forget the highly disturbing scalping scene from Terrifier 2, because the director has now confirmed that the third installment in the franchise will include one of the most gruesome scenes yet, and it’s just been filmed.

Damien Leone teased the news via Twitter, writing, "Can honestly say we just filmed one of the most insanely horrific scenes of the Terrifier franchise and you’ll never believe who couldn’t handle it on set… the BTS is hilarious. Can’t wait for you all to see!"

And who is the person who couldn't handle the gore on set? Only David Howard Thornton who plays the murderous Terrifier villain Art the Clown. The actor confirmed it via a comment made on social media, posted by a fan on Twitter. "I will just say that this is the kill that almost made me vom. That's a first." Well, if the scene in question was even too much for Art to handle, then it looks like we’d better get prepared for number three.

Released in 2016, the first film follows the unkillable Art the Clown as he stalks the streets on Halloween looking for his next unlucky victim. From eating someone's nose to cutting the front of a woman’s chest off of her body as she lives, Art inflicted the most insane level of brutality, but that was nothing compared to number two.

The sequel saw Art return to the town of Miles County on Halloween once again, this time setting his sights on a teenage girl and her younger brother. We won't go into too much detail, in case any of you have recently eaten, but there is one scene in particular that could make even the most hardcore horror fan’s stomach turn. Yes, you guessed it, the bleach and salt scene. The movie was so graphic that fans were vomiting and fainting in movie theatres.

Differing from 1 and 2, Terrifier 3 takes place during Christmas. In the first trailer, we saw Art the Clown dressed as an evil and bloody Santa wielding an axe, oh what merry fun! As for the gore, Leone has already teased that number three will be bigger and scarier than ever before, accompanied by a much larger budget to work with. The threequel welcomes back Lauren LaVera and Elliot Fullam, Samantha Scaffidi, and of course Howard Thornton.

Terrifier 3 hits theatres on October 25, 2024. For more, check out our list of the best horror movies of all time, or keep up to date with upcoming horror movies heading your way this year.