Thanksgiving stars Nell Verlaque and Rick Hoffman talk *that* Scream-style killer theory


Warning: Spoilers for Thanksgiving ahead!

Thanksgiving star Nell Verlaque has heard about that two-killers theory – and she thinks it makes sense.

"I've heard about this! I'm curious about it because it kind of makes sense.  I haven't asked Eli about it," Verlaque tells GamesRadar+. "I think he is in the process of writing the second one – which would reveal possibly that – I'm not sure. But I love that people are coming up with their own theories."

At the end of the film, it's revealed that Patrick Dempsey's Sheriff Eric Newlon is the killer all along...but some fans aren't convinced that he conducted his murderous rampage all by himself. In a Reddit discussion post, one user pointed out that when Verlaque's Jessica is trapped inside the high school, it's impossible for John Carver to be in two places at once.

During the live stream scene, Newlon is at the police station when the stream how can he also be the one executing the killings around the dinner table? Some fans think that two killers were originally written into the script, later cut, and the details left in serve as open plot holes. Others believe, however, that this was done intentionally by director Eli Roth and writer Jeff Rendell in order to pave the way for a sequel.

Rick Hoffman, who plays Jessica's father, was unfamiliar with the theory, but thinks it could be related to the sequel nonetheless.

"Is that something that’s happening?" Well I got news for you, that’ll help the sequels," Hoffman says with a laugh.

Roth also previously told SFX magazine that he loved the reveal at the end of Scream, where we learn that Ghostface is two people: best friends Stu and Billy. Keeping that in mind, anything's possible.

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