The most powerful, yet sad, moment if you're a good leader

·Head of Yahoo Finance UK

There is a big difference between being a boss and a leader.

A leader implies someone that people follow while being a boss can just be someone with the authority to oversee people. Being a leader also means bringing those along with you for the journey as well as empowering those around you.

Jan Gooding, the chair of a number of firms, such as PAMco, and the chair of LGBTQ+ rights charity Stonewall, sat down with Yahoo Finance UK for its premium show Global Change Agents with Lianna Brinded and talked about leadership.

Gooding told Yahoo Finance UK about what she believes makes a great leader, including being honest with yourself for when you need to improve and how elevating and empowering others should be a priority from the start.

“I suppose I wanted to be a good leader and manager and I don’t always think I have been. If I could have my time again I would’ve like to have been more alert to the people around me and what I could’ve done to help others,” she said.

Jan Gooding on Global Change Agents. Photo: Yahoo Finance
Jan Gooding on Global Change Agents. Photo: Yahoo Finance

“I was too busy trying to work out for myself to navigate what was going on. For me it’s just part of your job and your role. Even the way you’re asking your question it’s something on the side, separate and extra curricular, I think the agenda of being an authentic leader first of all, and leader who wants to develop their team and people and the company and they’re in, that to me that is core to your management role, so it’s not an and or an extra.

“I get joy from watching the people around me, who worked for me, do well and overtake me. When you get really talented people, actually your job is to let them, it’s a bit like being a good mother. The saddest thing… if you’ve done your job well, then your children will leave you and make their way in the world and do an even better job than you did.”

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