The world is discus star Thompson's oyster after funding boost

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The world is discus star Thompson's oyster after funding boost

Discus and shot put prodigy Amy Thompson says that being hand-picked as a SportsAid, Next Generation athlete, fuelled by Aldi, makes her feel like her career is heading in the right direction, writes Sportsbeat's Jonny Bray.

SportsAid supports over 1,000 young athletes each year by providing a financial award to help with training and competition costs while also delivering personal development opportunities to many athletes through workshop sessions.

Aldi are now working in partnership with SportsAid to support 20 young athletes on their journey to becoming future Olympians and Paralympians – including Moore – and helping them to eat like a champion.

The 15-year-old is the F41 UK number one in the shot put and discus and looks set to make her dream of competing at the Paralympics a reality in Paris, with the Liverpudlian turning 18 two weeks before the games start.

The Wigan Harriers star feels receiving SportsAid support marks a significant stepping stone and made the effort she has put into her trailblazing exploits so far worthwhile.

"It felt like I achieved something," said Thompson, speaking after filming a new TV advertising campaign for Aldi, who work with Team GB and ParalympicsGB on the Get Set to Eat Fresh programme, helping school children eat healthier and live an active lifestyle.

"It made me feel I am actually getting somewhere because people have recognised what I am doing, and it just feels like I have accomplished something.

"People are surrounding me who are my age, and they're experiencing all this stuff for the first time too. It is really welcoming because you are in the same boat as them, even though you might not be doing the same sport.

"The financial support is going to really benefit me with all the travelling across the country to get to competitions.

"I just want to get to places and competitions that I wouldn't be able to if it weren't for the funding. It is going to make a considerable difference."

Each year, athletes are nominated to SportsAid by the national governing bodies of more than 60 sports based on set criteria.

The Aldi-supported athletes will be receiving a £2,000 award through SportsAid. Aldi will also support their 20 athletes with a £25 monthly voucher, to fuel them through training, competitions and to future Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Thompson credits the atmosphere at Wigan Harriers as integral to her journey so far and is eagerly awaiting what could be to come in her athletics journey.

She added: "At Wigan, we have got a whole group of Para-athletes who all train together, and it is just really nice to be with people who know you and who know how they deal with it.

"It took time for me to get good at the sport because it requires so much technical ability.

"My parents have supported me and believed and taken me to places. If they weren't there, I would not be doing competitions and achieving stuff.

"It gives you a lot of confidence, and it gives you a lot of satisfaction because you believe that they're doing it for a reason."

Aldi is the Official Supermarket Partner of Team GB and ParalympicsGB and have partnered with Team GB since 2015, ParalympicsGB since 2022 and will be supporting them through to Paris 2024

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