Theo Walcott roasted by Arsenal fans on Twitter for stroppy reaction to being subbed against Man City

Joe Whitcombe

Arsenal winger/striker/whatever-position-he-complains-he's-better-suited-to Theo Walcott drew the ire of the Emirates support on Sunday when he reacted unhappily to the linesman's board going up, and showing his number. 

Despite a positive showing overall - not least because the Gunners avoided a third consecutive Premier League defeat - Walcott looked personally insulted to make way for Olivier Giroud, 

maybe because Giroud is now a better super-sub than he ever was. 

Times have certainly been hard at Arsenal in recent times, and what better way to show togetherness than throwing a wobbly when your number's up?

Arsenal v Manchester City - Premier League
Arsenal v Manchester City - Premier League

In the highly entertaining 2-2 draw with City, Walcott was largely invisible, until a chance so easy fell his way that's he basically had to score it.

The tempestuous reaction was something that many fans have come to expect in recent times, but more from players of Alexis Sanchez's quality, rather than his English teammates. 

Walcott may have felt that he had more to contribute to what was a very open game in parts, but his goal fell to him thanks to a combination of luck, and poor offside trap play from Gael Clichy, with several players also played onside, queuing up to finish the chance. 


In the Sky Sports Studio, Gary Neville was his usual, unbiased self about Arsenal, but correctly singled Walcott out for his petulance, 

"Walcott trudges off the pitch. He hasn't played well, but his attitude is: 'I've scored a goal, you shouldn't take me off.' Yes, you should, you were poor and that's a matter of fact.

"Theo Walcott should sprint off the pitch and shake the manager's hand and say, 'Thanks very much for giving me a game today. I'm lucky'."

Arsenal's Twitter following also weighed in on the England forward's attitude, and whether or not the reaction was something to be read into, with some non-Arsenal fans also seizing the opportunity to stick the boot in. 





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