There's an Indiana Jones Easter egg hidden in the background of one of Star Wars's most divisive movies

 Indiana Jones.
Indiana Jones.

There's a hidden Indiana Jones Easter egg tucked away in one of Star Wars's most divisive movies, and we're betting you didn't notice it.

The reference in question can be found in Solo: A Star Wars Story, a film that received a decidedly mixed reception upon release from critics and fans alike.

Of course, Han Solo was played by none other than Harrison Ford in the original and sequel Star Wars trilogies, and Ford is also the actor behind Indiana Jones.

Solo's nod to Indy has been doing the rounds on Reddit after resurfacing on Instagram. In the background of a scene on Dryden Vos's ship, which sees young Han and Beckett meet with the crime boss, the golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark can be spotted.

This is far from the first time Indy and Star Wars have referenced each other – in fact, both franchises are positively bursting with shout outs to the other, from Club Obi Wan in Temple of Doom to R2-D2 and C-3PO appearing as hieroglyphics in Raiders of the Lost Ark. That makes sense, of course, considering both franchises hail from Lucasfilm (and the mind of George Lucas).

Next up for Star Wars is The Acolyte, a Disney Plus TV show set in the High Republic era – the first time that point on the Star Wars timeline has been depicted in live-action. In the meantime, The Bad Batch season 3 is currently releasing weekly.

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