Thorgy Thor is giving contestant Alex a second chance at drag

On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) gives Alex the drag makeover of his dreams! Alex tells Thorgy that he performed in drag once in college, but didn’t love his look. He’s hoping Thorgy can give him a drag makeover that will make him forget all about his first failed attempt at drag, and make him see himself in a new light!

“I did not look great,” Alex recalls. “So, I’m here today to redeem myself!”

Thorgy promises Alex that she’ll make him look amazing! “You will look gorgeous,” she tells him. “Today we’re going to fix that and make you look incredible.”

With those words of encouragement, Thorgy sends Alex off to hair and makeup. Meanwhile, Thorgy pays a visit to stylist Blue to pick out the perfect outfit for Alex’s drag do-over. “Alex did drag one time years ago [and] he looked really bad,” Thorgy tells Blue. “This is like a blast from the past. So we want to turn bad drag into great drag.”

Listening to Thorgy describe Alex’s past drag experience, Blue has a moment of inspiration. “You say ‘blast from the past,’ I’m thinking like a good old retro moment. Maybe this little go-go number, and a little white go-go boot,” Blue says, holding up a sequined orange dress. “And then a bump-it moment. The bigger the hair, the closer to God, right?”

Thorgy takes one look at the sparkly orange dress and knows it’s perfect! With Alex’s drag outfit finalized, she heads over to meet with Alex and makeup artist Elle LC, and check on their makeover progress.

When Thorgy approaches the makeup station and sees Alex’s transformation, she breaks into a giant smile. It’s clear that Alex’s second attempt at drag is going better than his first! “So this is your second chance. Do you think this is better?” Thorgy asks Alex.

“Oh yeah,” Alex replies enthusiastically.

With his outfit chosen and makeup almost complete, all that’s left to do is to choose Alex’s drag name. “I was thinking because you did it once and this was supposed to be your second time around, ‘Anita Do-Ova,’” Thorgy suggests.

“That is genius! I love it,” Alex agrees.

With the final touches put on his hair and makeup, and his outfit on, Alex is ready to hit the stage as Anita Do-Ova. Anita struts out on stage with total confidence, showing off her retro orange go-go dress and platinum blonde wig.

“I feel awesome. I was not expecting to look so good! I look like my sister. Like my sister mixed with Dolly Parton,” Anita tells Thorgy. “It’s a powerful feeling.”

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