Tia Mowry on her 5-second style and why she'll never give up comfort foods

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Tia Mowry (Photo: Getty Images)
Tia Mowry (Photo: Getty Images)

Stars, they’re sort of like us. They cook, they clean, and they don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Herewith, we bring you actress and cookbook author Tia Mowry, who also fronts the Cooking Channel show Tia Mowry at Home and who turned up in Lambertville, N.J., to host Dawn’s 2,000-foot-long table family dinner. Mowry is a a major foodie who’s at home behind the stove (and sink), and doesn’t let the thought of calorie-ingestion give her panic attacks.

“I love comfort food, so it’s all about making comforting dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, but using turkey because it’s a leaner meat and adding spinach,” Mowry tells Yahoo Style. “For me, it’s about keeping my comfort foods but making healthier alternatives.”

As for the kitchen cleanup, Mowry’s 6-year-old son, Cree, is no spoiled kid. She’s instructing him to take care of his own mess and not grow up a totally pampered Hollywood child.

“Oh yes, honey, not only do I do dishes, but I’ve been teaching my 6-year-old to wash out his own plate,” says Mowry. “When my son is done with his meal, he will take his dishes to the sink and he will wash dishes. He rinses out his plate.”


Mowry places a premium on eating healthy while also maintaining her toned body. Like most actors, Mowry watches her diet during the week and exercises daily, doing yoga and spinning. But she’s most at home dicing up veggies and feeding her family. Her philosophy is: Keep it simple and don’t go overboard. And sneak in healthy options whenever possible.

“I wouldn’t survive without a cheat day. Life is too short, and for me, food is pleasure. On weekends, I’ll have whatever I want to eat,” she says.

On the beauty side of things, Mowry also just debuted a whole new look, which also fits her lifestyle. Her on-trend braids are functional and fun, and came about courtesy of her stylist, Kendra Garvey. It takes her “five seconds” to get ready in the morning, says Mowry, and makes life that much easier. Plus, it lets her sort of embrace the rainbow hair trend.


“My hairstylist said we should add some cool color to my hair,” says Mowry. “I chose pink and purple because those are my favorite colors. I call this a protection style. I try to keep the heat from my hair. It’s also just fun. I can swing my hair back and forth like that.”

Good food and great style? Mowry knows how to do life right.

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