TikTok couple share their ‘controversial’ marriage rules on TikTok: ‘Sounds like a trust problem’

TikTok couple Jaden and Andy (@jadenandandy) shared their “controversial” marriage rules, and they had TikTok totally divided!

Jaden and Andy are a married couple who share videos about their relationship that range from heartfelt to hilarious. But the couple shares more than just videos. They also share passwords and location data with each other. In a controversial video that had TikTokers riled up in the comments section, Jaden and Andy shared three of their “marriage rules.”

The video begins with Jaden and Andy standing in front of the camera with confused looks on their faces. They beckon toward the camera, as though inviting the viewer to join them.

Controversial things about our marriage that we didn’t realize are controversial,” reads an onscreen comment.

Then, suddenly Jaden and Andy are on the far side of the room, doing headstands against the wall! “Sharing location on Life360,” the next onscreen caption reads, sharing their first controversial rule.

Next, Jaden and Andy appear lying stacked on top of each other. In a caption, they share their second rule: “Sharing all passwords and having no secrets.”

Finally, Jaden and Andy are pictured standing side-by-side, leaning against the wall. They share rule No. 3: “Not hanging out with the opposite gender alone.”

“Did not realize these would cause such a fuss on TikTok,” the caption reads.

Relationship rules

Some viewers applauded the couple’s relationship rules, while others questioned whether they were healthy.

“I do and agree with all of these things — and I’m a marriage therapist,” one viewer wrote.

“How often do y’all check that stuff? Having it is one thing, [but] checking on each other all the time sounds like a trust problem,” wrote one viewer who was a bit more skeptical of the rules.

“I don’t care who my husband hangs out with because I trust him,” another viewer chimed in, critiquing the couple’s third rule.

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