Gen Zers are obsessed with TikTok's 'four-course meal challenge' — here's how it works

Dillon Thompson
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The four-course meal challenge is TikTok’s latest — and hungriest — new trend.

As with so many trends on the app, the four-course meal challenge centers on a simple idea. In this case, that idea is letting someone else choose your food for you.

Basically, the challenge involves putting together a four-course meal with food from various fast food restaurants. To decide where they go, users play rock, paper, scissors before each course — each round, the winner chooses where that part of the meal will take place.

Still confused? This example from @linaacampillo should help. The 18-year-old did the challenge with her boyfriend and ended up with a meal of McDonald’s, Popeyes, ice cream and Yerba Mate tea.

Food-wise, most attempts at the four-course meal challenge are at least as chaotic as this one. The clips are also usually extremely wholesome, giving couples and best friends the chance to bond over their favorite fast foods.

User @saibalajjii used the challenge for exactly that purpose. In the teen’s own attempt at the trend, which has drawn more than 1 million views, she curates a night in with her best friend. The menu featured wine, Papa John’s, Wendy’s and cookie brownies.

TikTok commenters seem to enjoy the trend just as much as the users making the videos. Most four-course meal challenge clips are filled with viewers tagging their friends and significant others, saying they “can’t wait” to try it together.

“Need to do this,” one TikToker wrote in response a similar video.

“So cute,” another added.

“Need this ASAP,” another added.

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