TikTok mom shares the sweet moment her toddler asks to sing with her

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This TikTok parent shared the sweetest video of her toddler complimenting her singing skills and asking to sing along!

Lindsey Gurk (@lindseygurk) is a mom and TikToker who shares a wide variety of parenting content, from humorous videos in which she impersonates her two kids, to sweet videos showing touching moments between her and her children. In a recent video, Lindsey shared the emotional moment her toddler son, Ollie, unexpectedly complimented her singing, and wanted to sing along with his mom!

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The video begins with a shot of Lindsey sitting on the floor of her bedroom. Ollie stands behind her and, at first, doesn’t appear to be paying much attention to his mom. “I was going to record myself singing a song to see if I was on key (I don’t really post my singing videos, but I do sing a lot),” Lindsey explains in a caption. “And then this happened.”

“[I’m] singing a song,” Lindsey tells Ollie, as he approaches her.

“I like that song,” Ollie replies, and begins to sing. He sings a few words from a song, although it’s hard to tell exactly what he’s singing. Then he repeats, “I like that song.”

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Lindsey smiles at the toddler, but appears confused. “Which one?” she asks. “‘I Still Bless You’?”

“No,” Ollie replies. “Let’s sing it.”

Still looking a little perplexed, Lindsey begins to sing. “I still bless you,” she sings.

Then, Ollie interrupts her. “I like that song,” he says.

“Oh,” Lindsey replies, breaking into a grin.

“That makes my heart happy,” Ollie continues. Then, the sweet toddler crawls over to his mom and gives her a big hug.

Lindsey, clearly moved by her toddler’s words, bends down and gives him a big kiss on the top of his head.

“I love you mommy,” Ollie whispers, as his mom hugs him.

“I love you too,” Lindsey replies.

“I cry every time I watch this back,” Lindsey writes in a caption. “I’m so grateful he’s my boy!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the sweet video.

“I’m so glad you caught that on camera. Such a sweet moment to cherish forever!” one viewer wrote.

“I’m crying,” another viewer commented.

“It was the ‘love you, mommy,’ that sent me,” another TikToker wrote.

Lindsey and Ollie certainly have a sweet relationship!

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