TikToker captures his mom’s hilarious laugh: ‘It’s like she’s got a Furby living down there’

Jerome Copeland (@itsromebaby) had TikTokers in stitches when he shared the surprising sound his mom makes when she laughs.

Copeland is a TikToker who loves making videos with his family, especially his mom. Copeland’s mom seems to be a good sport with a surprising quirk: The sound she makes when she laughs is truly shocking! In a recent video that had TikTokers cracking up, Copeland shared the sound his mom makes when she laughs, which one TikToker described as “like a kazoo.”

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The video, which has more than 22 million views, begins with a shot of Copeland walking through a store. The TikToker grins at the camera and a caption appears on-screen that reads, “Trying to get mom to laugh again.”

“Let me find mom and see if I can make this happen,” Copeland says, as he strolls through the store in search of his mom.

After a moment, Copeland locates his mom in the clothing aisle.

“All right, mom, so I got a question,” Copeland says.

“OK,” Copeland’s mom says, smiling at her son and approaching the camera.

“The people want you to laugh again, so I gotta make that happen,” Copeland tells his mom.

“Oh no,” Copeland’s mom says, shaking her head in embarrassment.

“Hear me out!” Copeland says. “Why are you acting like this?”

“Because last time,” Copeland’s mom says, trailing off, but clearly on the verge of laughter.

“I just want you to get a little bit of a laugh out because the people want to hear your joy,” Copeland says. “Your laugh sounds so delicate.”

At this point, Copeland’s mom is no longer able to contain her laughter. She wheezes out a surprisingly deep laugh, then claps her hand over her mouth to stop herself.

“No, there it was!” Copeland says. “Delicate laugh one more time!”

Again, Copeland’s mom is unable to contain her laughter. She begins cracking up, and her laugh turns out to be a shockingly deep, wheezy sound.

In response, Copeland also begins cracking up. He follows his mom, who is desperately trying to stop laughing.

“Why’d you stop?” he asks her, as she covers her face and attempts to keep the laugh in.

Still laughing, she replies, “There’s people around!”

“Protect this woman at all costs.”

Viewers were shocked by Copeland’s mom’s laugh!

“It’s like she’s got a Furby living down there! Love it!” one viewer wrote.

“Protect this woman at all costs,” another viewer commented.

“I have never laughed so hard, oh my god!” commented another TikToker.

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