TikToker’s clothes hanger hack is going viral, but retail workers are begging people not to use it

TikToker Justice Z (@ztheeunicorn) — or more specifically, Justice Z’s mother — shocked the internet by revealing how plastic clothes hangers actually work. But retail workers are begging viewers not to try this themselves in stores.

In a video with over 5.6 million views in just four days, Justice Z’s mother demonstrated how metal hangers work: They’re designed to make a 180-degree turn, not just slide from side to side, where the hangers can often catch and get stuck.

However, retail workers are not thrilled with how much attention the hanger hack has received.

“What the freak. My mind is blown,” Justice Z exclaimed in the TikTok, effectively echoing the thoughts of millions watching.

“My jaw is on the floor,” commented @swaganer.

“Girl saaaaame I knew my momma was smart but in ain’t know she was a genius,” Justice Z replied.

Despite the TikTok’s popularity and the ensuing shock and awe, people claiming to be current or former retail workers begged others not to employ the rotating hanger hack.

“Literally, the whole reason they made it is so you can slide not slide & spin,” pointed out @selabration.

“All the retail workers SCREAMING NOOOO,” exclaimed @megatron4521.

“As someone who works at Ross PLEASE DONT DO THIS,” added @real_jasmyne.barajas.

“As someone who has worked retail, please keep them on the side you find them,” further elaborated @csmith0725.

“I don’t even work retail and I would absolutely hate that they’re facing different directions,” observed @youonlyprettier.

According to many alleged retail workers in the comments, ensuring clothes are facing in the correct position is part of the job description when working the floor. If a worker is found to have racks with clothes in the “wrong” spots, it could lead to negative consequences.

“No move the clothes but the hangers and clothes need to face a certain way. We get random checks done and if it’s not right the store get in trouble and in turn the employees,” explained @real_jasmyne.barajas on Justice Z’s TikTok.

“Na at my store we have to have all the tags facing outward and this changes that so please do not do this to the retail workers,” added @kaylea_ann3688.

But even some of those who explained why the hanger hack could have unintended consequences admitted that it could also come in handy when you’re shopping and want to easily see both sides of a clothing item. Just consider switching the item back to the way you found it if you want to be conscious of the retail workers in the store.

“As long as you switch it back it’s fine. Like I might even do this but I will fix it also,” @real_jasmyne.barajas added in a later comment.

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