TikToker comes up with genius ‘hack’ to avoid texting your ex: 'This is gold'

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In the 1800s, society had Alfred Lord Tennyson’s quote — “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all” — to weather the storm of a nasty breakup and move on. But now, in 2020, we have this TikTok teen’s phone reminder to help us move on: “Boys ain’t s*** sis don’t do itttttt.”

Courtney, who goes by paigesofmylyfee on TikTok, posted a life hack for anyone fighting the inclination to text their ex.

“So whenever it’s late at night and you’re missing that boo boo,” Courtney narrates in the video. “Just go to your reminders and scroll down and click ‘Remind when messaging’ and you can choose a person.”

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The trick is that when you’re texting the person (or people) you’ve selected, your phone will send a reminder with a message to avoid sending the message. Commenters were blown away by the hack — some even lamenting that they wish they had known about it before deleting phone numbers.

“this wouldve saved me my entire freshman yr whatt,” one person wrote.

“IF ONLY I SAW THIS YESTERDAY,” another complained.

“This is gold. This is essential information!!” a third user posted.

Unfortunately, the only downside of the hack is that the message won’t appear until you actually hit “Send” on the text. But hopefully it prevents a double text situation, at least.

The clever video racked up over 739,000 views. The top comment also points out a hilarious Easter egg where Courtney’s preset for the reminder is that it’ll pop up on her phone when she gets in her car.

Credit: paigesofmylyfee / TikTok
Credit: paigesofmylyfee / TikTok

“the fact that it was on for when you get in your car tho,” the person said.

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