TikTokers dumbfounded after discovering an alleged ‘secret’ about Cheez-It crackers: ‘The truth we weren't ready for’

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Why are Cheez-Its squares? According to a viral TikTok, the famously square-shaped snacks might actually be rectangles. 

The theory has existed for a long time, as the subject of Reddit posts and official Wikipedia entries. In 2019, Mashed even reported that the crackers measure 26 x 24 mm. 

Now, snack food fans on TikTok are sharing their surprise. It’s all thanks to user Derek Hill (@derekbretthill), who decided to measure the crackers in a recent clip. In the video, Hill uses a digital caliper — a device that measures an object’s dimensions — to figure out whether or not Cheez-Its are squares. 

His findings? According to him, Cheez-Its are definitely rectangles. 

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In Hill’s video, he measures a Cheez-It cracker at approximately 23 x 24 mm. While that’s not the same size listed on Wikipedia or in Mashed’s reporting, it’s also not a square. 

TikTok users had plenty to say about the clip. Many were stunned by the snack food “secret.”

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“The truth we weren’t ready for,” one user wrote.

“I’ve always thought there was something off about them,” another user agreed

“Why am I a bit upset by this information,” another wrote.

Other users, meanwhile, were more doubtful. Some theorized that Hill probably just had a batch of “defective” crackers. 

Unfortunately, it seems like the only real way to find the answer is to measure a ton of Cheez-Its. That’s easier said than done — since it’s a lot more fun to just eat them instead. 

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