Tim Allen Revealed An 'Emotional' Toy Story 5 Plot He’d Love To See, And I Need Pixar To Get On This ASAP

 Buzz Lightyear pressing a button on his suit in Toy Story 4.
Buzz Lightyear pressing a button on his suit in Toy Story 4.

Earlier in 2023, Disney surprisingly announced that they would be making Toy Story 5, Frozen 3 and Zootopia 2. Shockingly, Toy Story 5 was met with backlash, because many wondered why there was a need for another film in this franchise. Although, considering this series' track record, I know the team behind the toys will come up with a brilliant idea for the upcoming Disney movie. It turns out Tim Allen has a great one too, and I need Pixar to get on this ASAP!

It’s still early days for Toy Story 5, and the Buzz Lightyear voice actor doesn’t know what will happen to his character just yet. So, while talking with a barista, the two came up with an “emotional” plot idea, and it’s pretty incredible. Explaining this potential pitch to The Movie Dweeb, the actor said:

This is really off the cuff. It made me very emotional yesterday, because this guy -- I went to get coffee at a very small little coffee bar where he grinds his own coffee -- asked me the same question, just yesterday. I said that I don't know if this is where the story is going, but what if the whole story was [about] Andy as an adult, he has children, and they just happen to be online and the kids goes 'have you ever seen this toy?' Andy sees that Buzz has got a hand missing, and they're selling these vintage toys. And Andy goes and gathers all the toys up. He has to go out, find each one of them, and put them back together, [and] bring them back to his house. It starts the whole thing over again with his son. And I said 'What a wonderful idea.' He brings it, it's all through Andy's eyes. We made his life, and now he's returning that favor.

He’s so right, it is a “wonderful idea,” and I’d love to see it. Like every Toy Story, this idea is super emotional and all about the toys’ relationships with their kids, specifically Andy. A theme across the first four movies was how aging and growing up changes people and impacts those around them. Whether it’s Andy or the toys, their evolution as individuals and how that changes the dynamics of their group is vital. So, having them all come back together all grown up would be so full-circle, and a perfect way to continue this story.

Also, this idea sounds so emotional, and these movies are known for their tear-jerking storylines, like most Pixar movies. Just reading Allen’s idea, I’m already reaching for the tissues. This is because I was born a few years after the first film came out, and have grown up, like Andy has, with these toys and movies. So, seeing a story about them all coming back together as an adult after growing up with these characters for over two decades would be incredibly moving.

Overall, Tim Allen is enthusiastic about returning as Buzz Lightyear, even though he doesn’t actually know the plot of Toy Story 5 yet. In 2019, he expressed his interest in returning as the space ranger, saying he would totally make a fifth movie. The Last Man Standing star also excitedly responded to Disney’s announcement about the film, writing:

See ya soon Woody, you are a sad strange little man and you have my pity. And off we go to a number 5! To infinity and beyond!

Obviously, The Home Improvement star has been thinking about his return as Buzz, and I honestly really hope this idea he pitched actually turns out to be the plot for the upcoming Pixar film

Currently, we don’t know when Toy Story 5 will come out, and it’s highly unlikely it will be part of the 2024 movie schedule. However, as we learn more about it and its plot, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, you can stream the first four Toy Story films along with Tim Allen’s latest project, the second season of The Santa Clauses, with a Disney+ subscription.