Tim Tebow’s Prom Surprise for Special-Needs Girl on ‘The Tonight Show’

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Tim Tebow stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night. While there, he talked about Night to Shine, which is a worldwide prom for people with special needs. Tebow explained how big the event was last year, saying, “All around the world, in every state, this past year in 11 countries, over 375 locations at one time, kids with special needs are being celebrated. They’re walking down red carpets, they’re being cheered for, and it’s my favorite night of the year.”

The former Heisman Trophy winner never went to prom, so Jimmy jokingly pulled out a corsage for him. However, the two then admitted that the corsage was for someone in the audience. Tebow said, “There’s actually a special girl here in the audience, that went to Night to Shine here in New York, and she’s so amazing, she is so inspirational.” He added that the girl asked him to prom, but since he can’t be in 375 locations at once, he couldn’t be her date. So Tebow made it up to her on national television.

Tebow prom time

As the camera cut to an excited girl in the audience, Tebow said, “So, Judy Adams, I was wondering if maybe I could have a dance?” Judy quickly said, “I would love to” as she hopped up from her chair and headed toward the stage. In true prom fashion, Tebow slipped the corsage on Judy’s wrist, and the two hit the dance floor. With the lights dimmed and the Roots playing some slow music, the two slow-danced. Tebow could be heard telling Judy that she looked “beautiful” as they danced, and Judy giggled as she responded with, “Thank you!”

Although, the dance didn’t last for long, as chaperone Jimmy broke them up, joking, “Hey, be careful, kids! Watch it, kids!” As Jimmy thanked Tebow and sent the show to commercial, the three of them embraced and started dancing again.

You can visit TimTebowFoundation.org to learn more about Night to Shine and find out how you can get involved with Team Tebow.

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