The Time Burger King (Supposedly) Charged A Redditor For Having It Their Way

Burger King meal
Burger King meal - SrideeStudio/Shutterstock

Optimizing the speed of its service was the reason why Burger King changed its slogan from the iconic "Have it your way" back in 2014. Regardless of that emphasis on getting your food to you quickly, some traditions die hard. Many folks still associate the four words of that former slogan and all the connotations that come with them with Burger King.

That's possibly why, when one Redditor tried to order a Whopper with light onions and found it was charging them extra, they may have felt like it was more a case of "have it your way but on our terms."

In u/getsomehelp's screenshot, they clearly show that a charge of 10 cents has been added to their order for the mammoth request of "less onion, please." While Reddit is known for its creative writing exercises, corroborating accounts from other users in the same thread back up getsomehelp's story. One user even considers whether it's due to diners exploiting an oddity in Burger King's system wherein people can snag free toppings by requesting the light option on toppings not originally on the burger.

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Does Burger King Charge Extra For Light Toppings?

hand holding burger
hand holding burger - Alexandra Morosanu/Shutterstock

The most natural follow-up question here is whether this is still an issue or not, or even, perhaps if it's working as intended. Four random Burger King restaurants in California, Florida, Illinois, and Texas were checked by Mashed and it was found that ordering light onions on a Whopper was no longer an option. The light option was only present for sauces and choosing a light sauce did not add a charge.

Based on this, it can be surmised that the issue was either fixed, Burger King walked the policy back, or the light option was removed altogether to sidestep the glitch, at the very least at these four locations. It's unclear whether opting for light sauce does not incur an extra charge at every Burger King or if that is up to individual franchisees.

The list of the dumbest things Burger King has done in the past might make for interesting conversation but charging 10 cents extra for fewer onions, even by mistake or as a deterrent, definitely ranks among the most intriguing stories. It looks like cheaters really don't prosper when it comes to sneaking some extra bacon onto your burger.

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