Tite insists ‘no disrespect’ to South Korea as Brazil boss ‘adapts to language’ of young players

Tite Brazil Credit: Alamy
Tite Brazil Credit: Alamy

Brazil boss Tite insists “there was no disrespect” shown to South Korea through his dancing celebration and claims he is simply trying to “adapt to the language” of his young players.

Tite’s side swept South Korea aside on Monday with some stunning football in the first half, which saw them score four goals to put the game to bed before the break.

They celebrated with a dance each time they scored, with Richarlison engaging Tite in the “jig” after his stunning goal.

Roy Keane claimed it was “disrespectful” and Graeme Souness called it a “shambles”, but Tite said the last thing he wanted was for the celebration to be seen as such, and claims dancing is simply “part of their language”.

Tite revealed: “I said (to Richarlison) if you show it to me I’ll do it, but we have to be careful because various people will say it was disrespectful.

“I didn’t want it to be misinterpreted as anything less than a sense of happiness for the goal and for the result, and not that we were disrespecting our opponent which was not the case.

“There’s no interpretation other than happiness at the goal, happiness for the team, happiness for the performance.

“There was no disrespect for the opposition nor towards [South Korea coach] Paulo Bento for whom I have a lot of respect.

“We try to adapt to the characteristics of the players. They are very young and I try to adapt a bit to their language, and part of their language is dancing.”

Richarlison was pleased the celebration rehearsal didn’t go to waste.

He said: “We rehearsed it together with our coach in the team hotel and I am happy we had a chance to use it.”

The Brazil star consoled Tottenham teammate Son Heung-min after the game and added: “Football is like that. One of us is going to win. One is going to lose. I wish him all the best because we need him at Tottenham.”

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