Title-winning '08 Celtics won't invite Ray Allen to reunion

Kevin Garnett won a championship for Boston in 2008. In 2017, he's doing all he can to get the Celtics back in the hunt for the title.

The 2008 Celtics plan to reunite and celebrate the championship they won together, but will do so without a key piece of the team: Ray Allen

“I mean, Ray left. He left to the enemy," one unnamed member of the team told ESPN's The Undefeated.

The reason Allen is being treated as if he hasleprosy is because he left the team soon after to join the Miami Heat. While the Celtics gave Allen a solid offer to stay, the veteran player revealed later in an interview with the Miami Herald that he didn't see eye-to-eye with the players there, specifically Rajon Rondo.

Paul Pierce also backed these ideas in a 2015 interview with ESPN where he admitted Allen had "a weird relationship" with his Celtics teammates.

“We were all good friends on the court, but Ray always did his own thing," Pierce said. "That’s just the way Ray was. Even when we were playing together, we’d be having a team dinner and Ray wouldn’t show up. We’d go to his charity events, but Ray wouldn’t show up to somebody else’s."

This friction has lasted several years, and now they want nothing to do with him. Rondo, according to The Undefeated, is setting up a vacation with the title-winning roster to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. But in the process of reaching out to guys, he learned not many people want Allen there.

“I asked a couple of the guys. I got a no, a no head shake,” Rondo said.

Even if Allenwasinvited, it sounds like he wouldn't accept anyway. So this is probably just best for everyone involved.

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