Here are the titles for the first 8 episodes of the final season of 'The Walking Dead'

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Melissa McBride and Callan McAuliffe on season 11 of "TWD."
Carol and Alden appear in a promo for the final season of "The Walking Dead." AMC
  • The final season of "TWD" premieres on AMC on August 22 at 9 p.m.

  • AMC released the first batch of episode titles recently.

  • Insider rounded them up along with teases from previous interviews at what to expect next month.

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Season 11, episode 1: "Acheron: Part I"

twd season 1101 script
Daryl, Maggie, Negan, and more survivors find themselves in a subway tunnel on "TWD" season 11 premiere. In the photo on the right, episode co-writer, Jim Barnes, shared a photo of the script from the premiere. AMC

Director: Kevin Dowling
Writers: Angela Kang and Jim Barnes

Here's the official episode synopsis:

"Returning to Alexandria from a critical food mission, the group realizes it isn't enough. Maggie proposes a new plan, potentially a suicide mission. What choice do they have? They must find more food for all their people in order to survive and efficiently rebuild Alexandria. If they don't, Alexandria falls, taking them down with it. Once on the road, a violent storm erupts forcing them underground into a subway tunnel. As nerves fray and suspicions increase, chaos ensues. The terror is relentless as our people get a glimpse of what Maggie and her group endured prior to returning to Alexandria. Meanwhile, those captured by the strange soldiers are relocated to another undisclosed location."

Acheron is the name of a river in Greek mythology in which the souls of the dead were carried across. If we know "TWD," we wouldn't be surprised if Daryl and the survivors need to navigate across some zombie-infested waters or something similar. As noted in the synopsis, on the season premiere, they'll be in a subway tunnel.

Season 11, episode 2: "Acheron: Part II"

twd 1018 daryl dog
Dog goes missing on episode two of "TWD" season 11. The two are seen together on a season 10, episode 18 photo. Eli Ade/AMC

Director: Kevin Dowling

Writers: Angela Kang and Jim Barnes

Synopsis: "The group discovers a member did not make it to safety inside the subway car. Surrounded by walkers, going back out into the tunnel to search is a guaranteed death wish. All eyes are on Negan as the rule of survival shifts. It is no longer No Man Left Behind. The motto now is We Keep Going. With very little ammo and energy remaining, the group must ready themselves as the walkers have found a way inside the subway train.

Meanwhile, Daryl is in his own intense hellish situation trying to find Dog and finding more than he expected; and Yumiko challenges the process at the Commonwealth outpost, which threatens her future and that of Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess."

One of the biggest shocks here is seeing that Kevin Dowling, instead of executive producer Greg Nicotero is directing the premiere episodes. Nicotero has directed every "TWD" season premiere since season four and every finale episode since season five. He most recently directed the season 10 finale. It's a little strange to not see him behind the director's chair for the start of the show's end.

Season 11, episode 3: "Hunted"

twd season 11 promo features Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie
Lauren Cohan returns as a series regular for the final season of "TWD." AMC

If we had to guess, it sounds like we could get some more backstory on the Reapers, the group which has been after Maggie's people.

Season 11, episode 4: "Rendition"

twd season 11 jefrrey dean morgan negan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Negan on "TWD." AMC

Showrunner Angela Kang told Insider Negan and Maggie have a rough road ahead on the final season of "TWD."

"I think that there is an unresolved tension with Maggie and having them in story together, I think it is going to be really interesting. It's important to kind of work that out," said Kang, adding that Maggie has to decide "whether forgiveness is truly possible for her" when it comes to Negan.

(That's kind of tough to do when the guy bashed your husband's skull in front of you.)

Season 11, episode 5: "Out of the Ashes"

twd 1016 connie alive
Fan-favorite Connie appears covered in ash and bloodied up on the season 10 finale of "TWD." Chuck Zlotnick/AMC

We're waiting for the Connie-centric episode that Kang told Insider about in late 2020. We're hoping this is it.

"We have a big episode planned for her," Kang said of Lauren Ridloff, who was also filming Marvel's "Eternals." "At the time that we had to kind of lock these episodes, her schedule was still up in the air. But we have, I think, an episode that should be really cool for people coming up afterwards."

Season 11, episode 6: "On the Inside"

Mercer TWD season 11
Michael James Shaw was cast as Mercer, the leader of the Commonwealth soldiers. AMC

We're expecting to learn more about the mysterious Commonwealth group. This episode may show one of our survivors getting closer to learning how they operate.

Our money's on Princess. Season 11 is introducing another comic fan-favorite, Mercer, a leader of the Commonwealth soldiers who forms a relationship with Princess in the comics.

"I called one of my friends who knew him and I was like, 'Hey, I'm going to work with Michael,' and they had so many beautiful things to say about him and those have all been confirmed," Paola Lázaro told Insider. "He's a fantastic person. I'm very excited to hopefully have some deep scenes with him."

Season 11, episode 7: "Promises Broken"

Yumiko TWD season 11
Eleanor Matsuura plays Yumiko on "TWD." AMC

Without Michonne on the series, we're wondering if Yumiko may take on part of her comic role on the show. Yumiko was a lawyer before the apocalypse and a big story line from the Commonwealth story involved Michonne taking on the role of a judge in the Commonwealth community.

Yumiko is the only one among Ezekiel, Princess and Eugene, that we know of, with a background in law if the show goes that route.

Season 11, episode 8: "For Blood"

twd season 11 wall of missing people
"TWD" promos have teased a big story line from the comics will come to play on the show's final season. AMC

Kang confirmed to Insider that "TWD" will explore and do a twist on the popular Michonne/Elodie story line on its final season.

That entailed Michonne reuniting with her long lost daughter. It was an extremely satisfying payoff and shock in the comic. We're wondering who may get that story line with Michonne out of the picture and if it can live up to the hype.

"We're planning to do some version of that, but, since we don't have Michonne, we'll see what form that takes," Kang said.

"TWD" returns to AMC on August 22 at 9 p.m. on AMC. You can follow our ongoing show coverage here.

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