Toddler hilariously tries and fails to identify different beverages

This TikToker lined up a variety of beverages for her toddler to try to identify in a hilarious video. Spoiler alert: He doesn’t quite get a perfect score!

Ashlyn Ross (@ashlyn_ross) is a TikToker and mom who shares videos of her two adorable sons, Briggs and Cove. While many of Ashlyn’s videos show candid moments between the 5-year-old and 2-year-old, Ashlyn recently staged a fun challenge for 2-year-old Cove. In the video, Cove is asked to taste and identify a series of sodas and other beverages. The adorable toddler gets most of the answers wrong, but has a great time anyway!

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The video begins with a shot of Cove sitting on the floor with 6 beverages lined up in front of him. The beverages are hidden from the toddler—but not from the camera—by a cardboard box with a hole cut into it. A straw is poked through the hole and sits in a can of Pepsi. The other beverages lined up are Coca-Cola, Sprite, V8, Mug Root Beer, and coffee.

“Okay, do you know how to guess the drinks?” Ashlyn asks. When Cove responds affirmatively, she says, “Go ahead!”

Cove starts with a sip of the Pepsi. He thinks for a moment then confidently guesses, “Sprite.”

“Wrong!” Ashlyn says and the toddler giggles.

Next, Cove takes a sip of coffee. “That’s coffee!” he says.

“What kind of coffee?” Ashlyn asks, to which Cove replies, “Regular.” The coffee-loving toddler then takes another sip as his mom laughs.

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“Yeah, that’s coffee,” Ashlyn says as the toddler continues to drink. “Stop drinking it!”

Next, Cove takes a sip of the V8, making a disgusted face as he does so. He incorrectly guesses that it’s Pepsi.

After the V8, the toddler correctly guesses that the Mug Root Beer is, in fact, root beer. But he struggles with the Coca-Cola, guessing it is Sprite.

Finally, the toddler tastes and correctly guesses the Sprite. The video ends as the toddler applauds himself, yelling, “Yay!”

Viewers also applauded the adorable toddler.

“It was the V8 Pepsi for me,” one viewer commented.

“The energy at the end after all that caffeine!” another viewer wrote.

“When he kept sticking out his tongue. He’s so cute and so confident!” commented another TikToker.

Though Cove couldn’t identify all of the beverages, he certainly had plenty of fun trying!

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