Toddler’s sweet haka performance is making people’s day on TikTok: ‘Cuteness overload’

Babies are constantly doing cute things on TikTok that launch us into never-ending click holes of adorable videos. But one little guy’s recent performance of a Māori ceremonial dance known as the “haka” has millions of people cheering him on (and falling in love) with his sweet dance moves.

The video, which was posted to the TikTok account @haka_haka_, shows the unnamed toddler dancing in a living room as an adult standing off-camera leads a ceremonial chant in the background. As the little guy stomps his feet, he can also be heard chanting while moving his arms up and down.

According to, the haka is a ceremonial war dance or challenge created by the Māori people, an Indigenous tribe from New Zealand.

“Actions include the stomping of the foot, the protrusion of the tongue and rhythmic body slapping to accompany a loud chant,” the website explains, adding that the words of a haka often “poetically describe ancestors and events in the tribe’s history.”

Though it’s usually performed in a group to display a sense of tribal pride, strength and unity — much like the teen boys who went viral for performing the haka together in their school gym — it can also be performed alone to honor the culture. In fact, another teen recently went viral for honoring his mother with a solo haka dance on her graduation day to show his appreciation, respect and love.

Since the toddler’s haka dance first made its way onto TikTok, it’s been viewed over 9.3 million times. Thousands of commenters have also chimed in to say how “beautiful” the boy’s performance is.

“Cuteness overload,” wrote one person.

“He even sticks out his tongue and does the facial expressions,” said another.

At least one person called him a “legend,” while another said the video “made” their entire day.

But others applauded the little one’s parents for keeping their culture alive by passing it on to their children early.

“One day he’ll be doing that on the field for real!” someone else pointed out.

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