Tommy Hilfiger, Gabby Thomas to Speak at ‘The Wear House’ Event During SXSW in Austin

Social scientists describe Generation Z as socially conscious, diverse, inclusive, tech-savvy and entrepreneurial. They are digital natives who want authentic experiences.

Gen Z is also primed to spend. According to Snapchat for Business, they have more than $450 billion in spending power globally. In the U.S., it is estimated that Gen Z has $360 billion in spending power.

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But how do you engage Gen Z and get them to spend? Through storytelling.

In this context, WWD, Beauty Inc, Footwear News and Rivet present “The Wear House,” March 9-10 during SXSW in Austin. This year’s theme is “Innovation, Insights & Influence: The Art of Storytelling in Fashion and Beauty.” Taking the stage will be experts from these publications and industry thought leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs who resonate with Gen Z.

Gabby Thomas
Gabby Thomas

Tentative speakers include Tommy Hilfiger, the American fashion designer and the founder of Tommy Hilfiger Corp.; Remi Bader, fashion influencer and content creator; Gabby Thomas, the Olympian sprinter who has garnered bronze, silver and gold medals; Monique Rodriguez, chief executive officer and founder of Mielle Organics; Lo Bosworth, chairwoman and founder of Love Wellness; and Ryan and Adam Goldston, co-CEOs and cofounders of APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs).

The tentative themes to be covered include “Strategic Partnerships: A New Chapter in Storytelling,” which will look at how AI can be used to create more personalized narratives, automate marketing campaigns, and even predict consumer behavior. “Innovations in Content Creation: Shaping Consumer Perceptions” will explore the latest trends and techniques in content creation for fashion apparel, footwear and beauty brands.

“Leveraging Insights for Effective Brand Building” will spotlight the importance of consumer insights in creating more compelling brand narratives and how brands can gather and analyze data to understand their audience better. “The Influencer Effect” will examine the role of content creators in brand storytelling and how influencers can be used to communicate a brand’s narrative.

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