Tony Bellew feared David Haye would seriously injure him and wrote a will before fight

Mark Critchley
The Independent
Tony Bellew is yet to forgive David Haye for his pre-fight comments: Getty
Tony Bellew is yet to forgive David Haye for his pre-fight comments: Getty

Tony Bellew has revealed that he wrote a will in the build-up to his victory over David Haye following the former world heavyweight champion’s threats to seriously injure him.

Haye, who suffered an eleventh-round stoppage defeat to Bellew at the O2 Arena earlier this month, made several unsavoury remarks, including one promise to 'cave in' his opponent's skull, in the months leading up to their meeting.

The 36-year-old will appear in front of a panel representing the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) next month to explain his pre-fight comments, and Bellew has now revealed that Haye’s remarks left him fearing the worst.

“There’s people in situations and it’s very, very frightening. The situations some fighters have been in recently. I’ll be honest, it scares me,” he told Boxing News.

“People don’t know this but I wrote a will before that fight. It’s the only time I’ve ever done it in my whole career.

“I wrote a will two weeks before leaving everything to my missus in case anything happened to me because I knew he was capable of really, really hurting me.”

After coming to premature blows in their first pre-fight press conference and trading insults in the promotional tour that followed, the pair’s conduct drew several warnings from the BBBofC, which implored both men to be “sensible” in the week prior to their fight.

Despite seeming to put their differences to one side in the immediate aftermath of the fight, Bellew maintains that Haye's pre-fight comments were uncalled for.

“I can’t even lie and tell you it’s water under the bridge because it’s not, I think he’s an arsehole,” the Liverpudlian told Boxing News.

“I think he was wrong for saying the things he said. I could’ve forgiven him if he came out after the fight and said that he’d said things just to get a reaction out of me but he hasn’t, he’s come out and said he actually meant every single word he said. That disgusted me even more.

“It’s all done with now and the only person who went to hospital that night was that clown. Funny how it all works out.”

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