Tony Hawk one-ups young fan's skateboard request with help of delivery driver

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Tony Hawk is taking one young fan’s request, delivered by the local FedEx driver, to another level.

The 10-time X Games gold medalist skateboarder is still a household name and a sports icon to kids. One of them is a boy named Cooper who chased down the local FedEx truck down the street from his house. He asked if the man could deliver a package to Hawk and ran back into the house for the item.

It was a beaten-up skateboard that said “Tony Hawk” and “Cooper” on opposite ends in a child’s handwriting. The top is nearly completely ripped off and the bottom design worn down to the wood.

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“He says get this to Tony Hawk for me. Tell him it’s from Cooper,” the FedEx driver said.

The delivery man, whose account name is Mikail, said he would get it done and shared the story and video of the skateboard on his TikTok account.

“The least I could do was put it out there in the universe,” he said, adding he of course doesn’t know Hawk’s address. “So Tony, if you see this, Cooper in Suwanee, Georgia, is a big fan. Maybe you could give him a shoutout and the next time I drive by his house I’ll show him the video and it’ll probably make his whole life.”

The internet being what it is, Hawk stepped in within hours of the post to say he was sending his current skateboard to Cooper.

There’s even more.

The FedEx delivery man returned to Cooper’s house after Hawk’s news and shared a video of the young boy, as well as his older brother Tucker, thanking Hawk for the skateboard.

From the FedEx employee likely slammed with deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic and risking his health to do it to Hawk responding with both a video and a skateboard, this story is a mood uplifter for the day.

Tony Hawk is swapping skateboards with a young fan. (Don Arnold/WireImage)
Tony Hawk is swapping skateboards with a young fan. (Don Arnold/WireImage)

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