Succession may be over, but these iconic fashion moments will live on forever

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Now that our fave show on television has reached its epic end with a heartbreaking but totally satisfying finale episode (*sob!*), we don't know how we’ll cope, no longer living vicariously through the dysfunctional and uber-rich Roy family.

We'll miss resident bully Roman, wise-cracking filthy jokes at everyone's expense, the cringe-worthy sibling squabbles and every poetic chinwag between the self-titled 'disgusting brothers', aka cousin Greg and Tom Wambsgans.

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One thing we're kinda surprised to miss, though, is the fashun. Compared to other TV big hitters the outfits in Succession are much more understated. This is certainly not an Emily in lavish-looks-galavanting-around Paris situation. But that doesn't mean we're any less obsessed. Just look at the @successionfashion Insta account, which has over 160k followers, dedicated to the subdued looks of the Waystar gang and where you can get them. You know, in case you ever wanted to not pay rent one month and buy a pair of trainers instead.

Theirs is a world of 'stealth wealth'. A trend that is having a moment thanks in part to Succession. The fashion choices are rarely in your face but everything is secretly, extremely expensive. Also referred to as quiet luxury, they wear Maison Margiela tees that could be Uniqlo for all us humble folk know, but that’s the (very gross) beauty of it. If you know, you know. No wonder that ludicrously capacious, logo-splattered Burberry bag was so offensive to poor Tom.

The show has also given us some style moments we've coveted too... ahem, Naomi Pierce. We’ve missed the media heiress this season solely for her glorious monochromatic wardrobe we’d actually like to wear. Plus, the return of 'evil' stepmother Marcia was another stylish highlight.

Whether we love it or love to loathe it, we say farewell by taking a look at the best (and most outrageous) fashion moments across the series.

Winner Matsson's turtleneck

ahead of the gojo board vote, kendall and shiv shore up their opposing interests and try to get a fix on roman
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*Spoiler alert* the final has revealed Lukas Matsson, billionaire CEO of GoJo and frozen blood brick guy, crowned winner of Succession following that boardroom battle and the climactic answer we've all been waiting for. The ending left jaws wide open, but it was also Matsson's odd 'fit to sign the deal which left us equally surprised. The burnt orange turtleneck worn beneath a smart brown suit, despite standing out amongst the grey office drones surrounding him for the photo op, didn't quite work for the tech bro who looked uncomfortable and fidgety. The look was a far cry from his usual laidback get-ups, whilst still not fitting in with the corporate crowd. A new dawn for Waystar Royco indeed.

Roman's $13 t-shirt

ahead of the gojo board vote, kendall and shiv shore up their opposing interests and try to get a fix on roman
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There's something unsettling about seeing the Roy sibs out of expensive suits, and dressed instead in relaxed, casual clothing. In the final ep of the series, Roman wears a now-viral t-shirt that shows him looking like a lost teen – which actually makes total sense, as the pale blue tee with stripes on the sleeves is actually a children's top from US supermarket chain Walmart, costing just $13. Many theories have been thrown out there about this t-shirt choice - which has now sold out online, FYI - with some believing it signals his imminent freedom from the grips of Waystar and confronting pressures from his childhood, whilst others think it's altogether less deep, and simply the only thing Roman could find after fleeing to his mum's vacation house. With every fashion choice in Succession feeling completely intentional, we're leaning towards the first one.

Kendall's £££ baseball cap

with the sale of waystar royco inching ever closer, who will end up on top the fourth and final season of the emmy winning drama begins
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Kendall's plain black, cashmere-blend baseball cap is the epitome of stealth wealth. Ken has donned this hat over multiple seasons and it's got a lot of people talking due to its eye-watering price tag. Setting you back a whopping £415, the cap is from Italian knitwear brand Loro Piana and with discreet, minimal branding that hides any sign of overt luxury. But hey, it is cashmere.

The ludicrously capacious bag

with the sale of waystar royco inching ever closer, who will end up on top the fourth and final season of the emmy winning drama begins
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The aforementioned monstrous, nay gargantuan bag, which kicked off the fourth and final season and kinda stole the show, has to go down in the Succession style history books. Cousin Greg took date, Bridget, to Logan's birthday bash which left Tom reeling over her many faux pas, including an attempted selfie with the Roy patriarch himself. But it was a Burberry bag large enough to fit a pair of flats for the subway that sent them over the edge. Mind you, the bag in question will still set you back a hefty £1,850.

Lady Caroline's wedding

all the bells say matsson's vision for the business leads shiv and roman to manage the fallout, while logan weighs his options
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Okay, so this sort of goes against everything we previously discussed about quiet luxury. In the explosive season three finale, Shiv attends her mum Lady Caroline's wedding - whose relationship is fraught to say the least - inexplicably wearing a Ted Baker dress. Now, this wouldn't be such a curveball if you weren't an heir to a billion dollar media company, but the dress costing a 'measly' £169, it sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Tom's hopes and dreams puffer

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Our beloved outsider Tom has taken a little longer to pick up on the delicate art of quiet luxury. Don't get us wrong, his style has evolved since the boxy suits in season one as he's infiltrated the Roy fam, but the mega-puffy Moncler gilet worn to the business retreat in season two prompts Roman to ask if it's stuffed with his hopes and dreams and we see a crushed Tom's heart sink into his padded chest. Soz, Wambsfans.

Shiv's suits

with the sale of waystar royco inching ever closer, who will end up on top the fourth and final season of the bafta winning drama continues
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Whilst Shiv's wardrobe has evolved and equally divided opinion across the series, we argue that no one pulls off a power suit quite like she does. Going from H&M fair isle knits in season one (yep that's right, H&M!) to boardroom approps suits from the likes of MaxMara and Altuzarra, it's been a transformation. In another wedding guest outfit that could cause upset, Shiv is tres chic in the all black funeral look with Tom Ford blazer and halter-neck jumpsuit for tragic brother Con's wedding. Either way, after that epic showdown in the finale episode, Shiv can wear whatever she likes, IMO.

Kendall's custom-designed shades

season two finale on the roys&#39; grand mediterranean yacht, logan weighs whether a member of the family, or a top lieutenant, will need to be sacrificed to salvage the company&#39;s tarnished reputation roman shares his hesitations about a new source of financing, as kendall suggests a familiar alternative shiv proposes taking her open marriage with tom to another level connor finds himself in an unenviable position as reviews of willa&#39;s play roll in
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Sulky Kendall brooding on the family yacht in his Oliver Peoples shades and chunky over-ear headphone sums up a typical Roy sibs' tantrum. In an interview with GQ, actor Jeremy Strong discusses items he can't live without - if you haven't seen it, it's excellent viewing - mentioning Jacques Marie Mage, "the best company making sunglasses right now" and is also the brand his character Kendall wears throughout the latest two seasons. Jeremy says he's been deliberate about Ken's sunglasses, even collaborating with the designer to create a custom-designed pair for the final send off.

Too much birthday for babygirl Kendall

new exclusive too much birthday at kendall&#39;s lavish birthday bash, shiv and roman try to arrange a meeting with a tech mogul who recently snubbed logan strong language
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A step away from Ken's stealth wealth uniform of dark tees, leather bomber jackets and plain caps, this birthday look came at a time during Ken's existential crisis in season two and also, his peak babygirl era. Wearing a Gucci reversible bomber jacket and trainers, Prada silk top and a limited edition necklace that cost $15,500 designed by Rashid Johnson, he throws a strop in front of then girlfriend Naomi Pierce after she presents him with a bday gift watch that she hasn't even inscribed. Speaking of...

Everything Naomi Pierce wears

new exclusive too much birthday at kendall&#39;s lavish birthday bash, shiv and roman try to arrange a meeting with a tech mogul who recently snubbed logan strong language
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It's clear that Naomi Pierce is basically Succession's It girl. A fellow media heiress who majorly dislikes the Roy family whilst also dating Kendall for a while, her penchant for Proenza Schouler co-ords and chic black blazers has had the Cosmo office swooning. We're still thinking about that Celine velvet jacket from season three. Sticking to a timeless colour palette of mostly black and white, she makes fashion-forward choices opting for long strapless top and black trouser combos over frumpy gowns, pairing the look with a chunky gold choker necklace. If poor Bridget's bag you could take camping was a viral flop, it was Naomi's appearance in season four's opening episode that delivered the fashion high. Dressed in black and white, ofc, with Tom Ford shades and a modern Princess Di new pixie crop it was quite the entrance.

Marcia, back from Milan

church and state amid rising tensions, shiv tries to reposition herself within a new political landscape, while kendall rallies supporters
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Marcia is no longer shopping in Milan forever, which is what Logan's assistant/lover Kerry had us to believe. Instead returning for the fourth and final season to mourn her husband's death and show off her new buys. Looking particularly chic at the funeral in a Veronica Beard blazer and lashings of silver chain jewellery it is a welcome comeback, espesh when we see her grab assistant Kerry's hand as they sit together on that church front bench. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Willa's wardrobe

the entire roy clan travels to logan&#39;s hometown of dundee, scotland for a celebration of logan&#39;s fifty years in the business there, logan reflects on his past and the company&#39;s future, while shiv defiantly looks to her family for support in taking down rhea ewan gives greg an ultimatum about working at waystar kendall becomes enamored with jennifer, an actress in willa&#39;s play a former employee proves difficult to silence, worrying logan&#39;s inner circle
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Willa's love of French label Sandro is a relationship stronger than any other in the history of Succession, and has cemented her as a slightly accessible character for fans. I mean, the brands aren't necessarily cheap, but with dresses around the £300 mark it's a far cry from the Roy siblings' garms. From floral printed tea dresses to ruffled bohemian frocks and as Willa takes on the role (kinda forced upon her) of politician's wife, a wardrobe with a more subdued colour palette and structured shapes is introduced in season four. Still sticking to her guns though, and demonstrating her own sense of style for that matter, the outfits come from her beloved Sandro, as well as Equipment and ba&sh, making her a (sort of) relatable queen.

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