Top six Jeff Stelling moments as Sky Sports presenter announces departure after 31 years of service

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It's that time of year again where Stelling announces his time at Sky is coming to an end, however, this time he's serious.

Since joining the b in 1992, Stelling has constantly been gracing our screens each Saturday.

The legendary presenter said: "You lot out there (fans) have supported me marvellously - as have Sky - but it's time to give you a break from all the VAR rants, bag gags and the over the top celebrations when Hartlepool score and give someone else the chance to do this fantastic job.

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"I've been at Sky for more than 30 years and loved every moment of my time as part of the Soccer Saturday team." The first time he announced his departure from the show was in October 2021 but by the start of the following season, he decided he was going to stay on.

So, let Planet Sport take you through some of his best moments while hosting the show.

1) Hartlepool Celebrations

Perhaps some of the Jeff's most memorable moments are those in which he celebrates Hartlepool goals.

YouTube is full of manic celebrations from the broadcaster, however, this one tops the lot.

He is in the middle of a sentence when all of a sudden, with all his might, he shouts the name of Brad Walker after his goal puts his beloved Hartlepool 1-0 up.

2) Jeff's marvellous Middlesbrough rant

Not many will remember this one but at the time, it was hillarious for the fans. This is because we don't often get to see this side of broadcasters as they often keep professional.

This all came about from a poll which branded Middlesbrough as the worst place to live in the UK.

Stelling went on to claim the poll as "tosh" and began listing off all the famous sights across the city. His reaction to the poll had each pundit cackling and most of them couldn't believe what they were hearing.

3) Jeff makes his hatred for VAR known

One of the more recent pieces of Stelling's iconic history is his recent rant on VAR.

Straight from the off with this clip, Stelling is shouting at the top of his lungs for VAR to be scrapped.

He goes on to brand the technology as "worthless, pointless and a total waste of time."

This stemmed from an Arsenal vs Leicester game during which, Matteo Guendouzi is all over Caglar Soyuncu but a foul wasn't given.

By the end of the clip, a bewildered Jeff has calmed down but is still in disbelief at how a foul was not awarded.

4) Hartlepool's relegation from the football league

From funny rants to sad monologues, Jeff has given his all to Soccer Saturday and he allowed his emotions to escape him when his club, Hartlepool, were relegated from League Two.

The following clip takes us on a rollercoaster ride of glee to misery. He is elated to start off with as Devante Rodney, who has never scored a goal before this point, scores two goals in the last 20 minutes to gain Hartlepool a vital three points. However, fellow relegation battlers, Newport County, seem to have other ideas and score within the dying embers of the match to secure their survival. This results in a defeated Jeff complimenting the finish.

5) Chris Kamara correcting Stelling after saying the wrong stadium name

The iconic duo of Stelling and Kamara will forever be held in football heritage.

Despite both being incredible broadcasters, the chemistry between the pair was unmatched and you knew fireworks would occur when they were matched up.

This memorable moment came just after West Ham had moved from their old home, Upton Park.

Stelling wrongly called the new ground Upton Park and Kamara was quick to correct him.

Following this, the broadcaster jokingly remarked that this was "the low point of his career."

6) Jeff's call from Sky while on air

Perhaps one of the less well known clips features Stelling's phone call with Sky Broadband while working.

Although this was only a minute of the actual show, it was still enough for Stelling to make it one of his most memorable moments.

He initially played it off to be his wife but later revealed it was actually Sky who were ringing him.

He jokingly called out the broadcaster and stated "you should be more professional" while looking into the camera.

Sky Pundit, Paul Merson, also made a remark which said "surely people must know Jeff Stelling works 12-6" which made the guest panel erupt in laughter.

Honorable mention: I don't know Jeff.

Now, although this clip isn't iconic because of Stelling alone, it would be criminal to leave it out of a list of his best moments. Stelling is in the studio and there has been reports of a red card at the Portsmouth and Blackburn game. However, Kammy (Chris Kamara), has no idea that there has been a red card shown.

Kammy goes on to say the now iconic line "I don't know Jeff, I must've missed that."

A stunned Stelling asks whether or not he's been watching and Kammy goes on to say "I saw him go off but I thought they were bringing a sub on Jeff." This iconic minute long clip is likely the most memorable throughout the entirety of Soccer Saturday.

The future of who will lead Soccer Saturday is still unknown although, one thing is for sure, they will have some major boots to fill.

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