Tottenham: Crunch talks with Daniel Levy still key to Antonio Conte’s future despite dismissing PSG rumours

Tottenham: Crunch talks with Daniel Levy still key to Antonio Conte’s future despite dismissing PSG rumours

Antonio Conte has again refused to offer guarantees he will be at Tottenham next season, saying his future will only be decided after a meeting with the club at the end of the campaign.

On Friday, Conte dismissed reports he had offered himself to Paris Saint-Germain as “fake news” and “lies”, and it was suggested to him at a later briefing that he could put an end to unwanted speculation over his future by committing to Spurs.

But Conte reiterated that he was only focussed on the final five games of the season and would sit down with the club -- meaning chairman Daniel Levy and managing director Fabio Paratici -- to find “the best solution” after the visit to Norwich on May 22.

The head coach effectively wants guarantees that Spurs can challenge at the top of the Premier League, saying he deserves “much more” than another scrap for fourth place next season, and suggested his future would depend on whether he has the patience to match the time needed to rebuild the squad.

“As I said to [the media] a lot of times, at the end of the season we'll speak with the club but with pleasure, in a really good way," Conte said. “We'll speak and try to find the best solution for everybody. This has to be clear.

“I repeat: don’t forget I like to have ambition, not only to fight for a place in Champions League or a place in the [Europa] League. Honestly, I want to fight for much more. For much more. I think also I deserve to do this.

“It will be very important to understand how much time we need to fight for something important [and] if we have the patience to wait because for sure this is a process.

“I always say to you that we need time and patience. And we have to understand how much time we need and how much patience we have. We have to understand this and to understand if we can match my opinion and the club's opinion.

“I know very well that in England it is not simple [to win]. First of all, to fight for and to try to win the title is not simple. It’s important to understand also how much time we need if our ambition is to fight to win the title.”

Spurs are two points behind fourth-place Arsenal ahead of Sunday's visit of Leicester but host the Gunners on May 12 in what could effectively be a play-off for Champions League football.

Daniel Levy (Getty Images)
Daniel Levy (Getty Images)

“If we are very good to [achieve] this target, it will be a great achievement for the club, for me. It would be important,” Conte added.

“With our ambitions for the future, it would be very important, because I think that I deserve to try to fight for and to win trophies and to fight for something important, not for only sixth or seventh, eight place, or if you have a fantastic season, fourth place. Only this.

“But I repeat this is my ambition and it is important to understand and fully match the ambition at the time that we need it.”

Conte is under contract until the end of next season and the deal is understood to not include a break clause.

Pushed on why he could not commit to Spurs, he added: “My answer is always the same and my answer is still the same, to have another answer is not useful for anyone. My opinion didn’t change, my thoughts didn’t change, my ambition didn’t change. I am the same.

I have a fantastic relationship with all the people who work here, and with Daniel Levy and Fabio Paratici.

“What I said in the past was the truth. We are trying do this season in the best possible way and then we will see.”

Conte's comments will put more pressure on Levy to promise the back the Italian but the head coach insisted he is enjoying his role and working under the chairman and Paratici.

“I repeat I am enjoying a lot to work here, I have a fantastic relationship with all the people who work here and with Daniel Levy our chairman and Fabio Paratici,” Conte said. “For this reason it is right to at the end to have a good meeting, a private meeting, and to try to find the best solution for everybody.

“When you start to stay for a good period in a club and you understand the dynamics, you start to know much better the people that work with you, the environment

“And for sure I always said that I am enjoying a lot to work in Tottenham, to stay in Tottenham, and to come to the training ground, to breath this atmosphere. I can speak only well about Tottenham, about the club. For a coach, a manager, it is a good opportunity and you can enjoy your work here.”