Tottenham players ‘willing to run through a brick wall’ for Antonio Conte, Ben Davies claims

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Antonio Conte has inspired players (Steve Welsh/PA) (PA Wire)
Antonio Conte has inspired players (Steve Welsh/PA) (PA Wire)

Tottenham Hotspur defender Ben Davies says the players would “rund through a brick wall” for manager Antonio Conte.

Conte took over as boss last season and saw them finish the Premier League fourth, bagging Champions League football. He has continued his impressive tenure with a win and a draw in the league seeing the club fourth this season.

His passion, which saw him in a spat with Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel in the London derby on Sunday, is part of the reason he has done so well at the side according to Davies.

“We’re used to seeing that passion from him!” he said via Goal. “His record speaks for itself. He’s a world-class manager, but as a person and as a man on the side, you can’t help but want to run through a brick wall for him.

“He’s animated, he’s very clear in what he wants from his team. He’s very passionate. When he speaks, you can’t help but just sit there and listen.”

The altercation between Conte and Tuchel saw them both receive a red card and the Chelsea boss commented on the incident post-match.

“I think that what happened we did enjoy [it], but next time we will pay more attention and don’t shake the hands and we solve the problem,” he told reporters.

“He stays in my bench, I stay in my bench, with my staff on one side and no problem about this. It would be a pity if for this situation we miss the next game.”

Tuchel is due to miss Sunday’s match against Leeds United and Conte won’t be pitchside for Saturday’s clash against Wolves.