Tottenham told to ‘blame Levy’ as major questions are asked of a number of starters

Daniel Levy, Tottenham, October 2022 Credit: Alamy
Daniel Levy, Tottenham, October 2022 Credit: Alamy

Jamie Carragher says Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is to blame for poor results, as the standards of a number of players have been brought into question.

Tottenham had been flying high for the first chunk of this season. A seven-game unbeaten Premier League streak at the beginning of the campaign underlined their potential as a top-four side.

Some big players had starred during that run. Indeed, Harry Kane bagged six goals in those first seven games.

Dejan Kulusevski also got off on the right foot, contributing to two goals on the opening day of the season.

However, there has been a drop-off in form since that time. Since the beginning of October, Spurs have lost four games in the league.

Those came against Arsenal, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Liverpool. Injuries have hindered Tottenham‘s squad during that period.

Big players such as Heung-min Son, Kulusevski and Richarlison have all spent periods on the sideline.

Those games have also, for the most part, been against sides that have been in and around them. That gives some explanation as to why the north London outfit have been leaving something to be desired.

However, it will not be a good sign to fans for the club to have slipped below their previous standards. Indeed, Spurs have now dropped out of third place, a position they have occupied for much of the season so far.

Levy to blame for poor results

Carragher feels Antonio Conte has done what he can with the tools offered to him this season.

“Antonio Conte won’t change, he has had great success in his career with his system/tactics,” he said on Twitter.

“Got Spurs top 4, last 16CL & in the top 4 right now.”

The pundit also feels if there is one man to point the finger at, it is the chairman.

“You know what you’re getting before he comes, so blame Levy if you’re not happy,” he added.

It is not as if Conte has not been backed by the chairman since he took the Tottenham manager’s job; he spent nearly £150million this summer, bringing in five signings, as well as more players on free transfers.

Backline’s ability questioned

Carragher also questioned the ability of a number of Spurs players, as he feels they are not up to scratch.

“Defenders & keeper are not at the level he [Conte] needs,” he said.

Injuries to some of Tottenham’s backline have meant players who might not usually start have been thrown into the side. Of course, Conte would rather he had his preferred starters in the side.

However, one or two signings in some positions would not go amiss in January.

Spurs have been tipped to add to the side in January. Doing so could help them to get back to winning games more consistently for the rest of the season.

Levy could get behind his manager and allow him to spend big in order to make that happen.

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