Tour de France - Episode 2: The Ride – Preparation

Two lucky winners who entered an online competition got the chance to be selected to ride two legendary Tour de France stages with two legends and two professional riders.

Tour de France - Episode 2: The Ride – Preparation

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the ride

In this second episode Remy and Jonas discover that they will ride l'Alpe d'Huez and Mont Ventoux respectively with Europcar's Pierre Rolland and Team Sky's Christopher Froome.

We follow the trip of the two amateurs from their home to the Alps. They share their impressions and tell us what Mont Ventoux/Alpe d’Huez means for them.

Tour de France legends Sean Kelly and Richard Virenque start coaching them and give them advice on how to prepare for each part of the climb.

Our two lucky prize winners get all the little secrets that only professionals know.

Then the two amateurs finally meet Rolland and Froome and give their last impressions before their D-Day.

Oakley teamed up with Eurosport to launch a search for two fit and motivated cyclists to "Conquer the Road" to celebrate the 100th edition of the Tour de France in 2013.

Fans across Europe visited a digital hub developed by Oakley - - and registered their profile.

Using their own social media networks via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ the fans then had to secure as many "kilometres" as possible through votes.

The more “kilometres” they earned the higher up the leaderboard they went.

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