The toxic trait boomers and Gen Z actually have in common, according to one TikToker

A TikToker claims that Gen Z and boomers share a toxic trait: Bullying.

Los Angeles-based creator @flower_sea_sand is known for her commentary videos. In the 10th episode of her “Boomerfication of Gen-Z” series, which posits that Gen Z behaves more like boomers than millennials or Gen X, she made her case for both groups as “shameless bullies.”

She cited a viral video, with 4 million views, of a Zoomer mocking another person for having confidence. While @flower_sea_sand noted that every generation has its bullies, she thought what makes Zoomers and boomers alike is why they bully people.

Besides having “nothing going for them,” both generations tend to turn their “deep insecurity and self-hatred” outward. Gen X and millennials turn those feelings inward, best demonstrated by the grunge and emo movements.

She added that both Zoomers and boomers feel “so comfortable using their whole government name and their whole face while being absolute ghouls on the internet now.”

The TikToker further hypothesized that they’re projecting their insecurities, so when they bully, they’re actually revealing “their most inner self.”

People weighed in on the matter, and most agreed with her speculation.

“The worst part is they don’t think they’re wrong. They feel entitled to be horrible because they think posting is consent to their vitriol,” a person wrote.

“This is gold. Another commonality: Boomers and Zoomers can’t let others vibe without negative comment, but they can’t take any criticism themselves,” another said.

“Can you talk about how Gen Z will believe anything on this app like Boomers believe everything on FB?” a user commented.

“I swear for a generation that claims to be the most tolerant, we’ve certainly normalised bullying others for no reason to a whole new level,” a TikToker replied.

“THIS!! Why are people so triggered by people feeling good about themselves, I just don’t get it,” someone added.

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