Trader Joe's New Croissants Are A Chocolate Lover's Dream Come True

Trader Joe's double chocolate croissants package
Trader Joe's double chocolate croissants package - Instagram

Trader Joe's is loved by shoppers across America for its friendly customer service and plethora of interesting and delicious products -- like the store's famous version of takeout-style orange chicken. For many avid Trader Joe's fans, part of the fun of visiting the store is seeing what new food items have been added to the inventory. So far, it's been a good year for new products, as the grocer kicked off the summer by releasing a fun, party-style celebration cake gelato and now has shoppers talking about the new double chocolate croissants that were recently spotted in the store by a fan account on Instagram.

According to the comments below the post, many shoppers who have yet to try the new croissants are incredibly excited to get their hands on them. This makes sense considering regular Trader Joe's chocolate croissants -- which feature a plain pastry with melty chocolate inside -- were already incredibly popular with shoppers. Now, the store seems to have taken the chocolatey goodness up to the next level, with the new croissants including not only gooey chocolate inside but also chocolate-flavored pastry on the outside.

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How To Buy And Make Perfect Double Chocolate Croissants

French bakery-style chocolate croissant
French bakery-style chocolate croissant - Danilo Oliver/Getty Images

If you are ready to get in on the double chocolate goodness, then you'll find these new croissants in the freezer section of Trader Joe's stores across the country. One box of four croissants sells for $5.49, making the new double chocolate croissants cheaper per pastry than similar items from popular coffee shops. And if Redditors are to be believed, Trader Joe's croissants are even better than those from "local French bakeries."

What makes Trader Joe's frozen croissants so good is they are frozen raw before they are proofed or baked. So to make them, you have to let them sit on the counter to rise for a few hours and then pop them in the oven to bake until they're golden. This makes for a perfectly fluffy and bakery-quality croissant each time. You can choose to make only one or make the entire pack. If you have leftovers, no worries — simply pop the stale croissants in the oven to bake again for five minutes, and they are as good as new. Or you can also use your leftover croissants in other creative ways.

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