Transform Your Chocolate Easter Bunny Into A Decadent Shot Glass

chocolate bunny shot and cocktail
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Come Easter, countless chocolate bunnies of all shapes and sizes line supermarket shelves, and one or two will probably end up in your household. Instead of using them purely as holiday decor or as a sweet snack, you can repurpose and transform chocolate Easter bunnies into decadent, edible shot glasses. This delicious twist mirrors the genius hack for making edible Jell-O shot glasses or the one where we make peppermint candy shot glasses to close out the holidays.

It's easy to turn a chocolate Easter bunny into a shot glass. Grab a sharp knife and get ready for a little dissecting. First, you can chop off the rabbit's ears. Eat those ears and use the remainder of the chocolate bunny as a shot glass. Or you can split the chocolate bunny into two, so that the bunny head becomes one shot glass and the bunny body can be another. Hold the bunny head upside down and fill it with your drink of choice. Since chocolate melts quickly in warm hands, you might want to place it into a real glass before filling it with your favorite concoction. You might also want to stick to colder drinks, as hot beverages, such as hot tea or coffee, will quickly melt the chocolate shell.

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Anything Chocolatey Goes With An Edible Candy Bunny Shot Glass

chocolate Easter bunny
chocolate Easter bunny - And-One/Shutterstock

We've got you covered if you're wondering what drinks to add to your chocolate bunny shot glass. First, think about what works well with chocolate. For adults, you can pour in some dessert wine, which pairs beautifully with the dark confection. Or consider adding a chocolate-flavored cocktail. Imagine you just made the best chocolate martini recipe with creme de cacao; add a splash of that martini to a chocolate bunny shot glass and indulge.

Serving coffee out of these DIY edible shot glasses is fun and delicious too. To stay on theme for Easter, make a pastel green deluxe pistachio latte and add it to the chocolate bunny shot glasses. Top the shots of latte off with generous piles of whipped cream and a touch of sprinkles for panache.

Making chocolate Easter bunny shot glasses is a whimsical and tasty way to transform a holiday confection. Any drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, can go into the shot glasses as long as it pairs well with chocolate. Start simple with a shot of dairy or plant-based milk, or go big with an elaborate creamy or chocolatey mocktail or cocktail.

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