Trevor Bauer has 3rd accuser come forward after 2-year MLB suspension

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Clarification: This story has been updated with corrected details regarding the ruling in Trevor Bauer's restraining order hearing.

Warning: The following article contains graphic allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault.

A third woman has accused Trevor Bauer of sexual assault, the same day the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher was hit with an unprecedented two-year suspension for violations of MLB's domestic violence and sexual assault policy.

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Before Friday, Bauer had been publicly accused by two different women of choking them to unconsciousness during consensual sex and assaulting them while they were out. The third accuser claimed to The Washington Post he did the same to her several times during a years-long sexual relationship.

The woman said she came forward after seeing Bauer deny the allegations from his other accusers. She told the Post she has spoken with MLB about her allegations and is willing to testify against Bauer in his appeal of MLB's suspension.

Soon after the woman's account was published, Bauer tweeted a statement from his representatives denying the allegations, accusing the woman of trying to extort him and claiming the Post reporter called him "the Harvey Weinstein of baseball." The full statement can be read below.

Bauer has not pitched in an MLB game since June 28, 2021, having been placed on administrative leave after his first accuser came forward and requested a temporary restraining order. The Los Angeles County district attorney's office declined to press charges against Bauer over the allegations, but a player does not need to be charged to be punished by MLB.

Bauer has since sued his first accuser and two media outlets — Deadspin and The Athletic — over claims of defamation. According to the Post, the second accuser withdrew her request for a restraining order after Bauer's lawyer threatened her with legal action, but has cooperated with MLB.

Trevor Bauer's 3rd accuser

This accuser, who lives in Columbus, claims to have met Bauer on a dating app while he was still a minor leaguer in the Cleveland Guardians' organization, The Post reported. She claims he choked her to unconsciousness repeatedly, even after they agreed he would stop, and anally penetrated her while she was unconscious, according to the report.

The woman said she consented to being choked, but only up to the point where she looked like she was about to lose consciousness. At one point, the woman said she was choked to the point of convulsions while the two were at Cleveland's fan festival, The Post reported.

She is reportedly in possession of video of herself struggling to breathe as Bauer chokes her during sex, but declined to share it with the Post or MLB due to concerns of it leaking:

She said that when Bauer choked her during sex, he would only let go if she “got pissed and was like desperate about it,” or if she passed out, which she said happened dozens of times. The woman said Bauer often recorded their sex, with a GoPro camera mounted on a tripod or sometimes worn on his head. She is in possession of a video, she said, that shows him choking her during sex while she struggled to escape.

The woman’s lawyer, [Joe] Tacopina, said he’s viewed the video. “She’s clearly struggling to breathe and tapping his arm to let go, and you see her skin color darkening,” Tacopina said. They declined to share the video with The Post and said they also have not shared it with MLB, out of fear of it being circulated more widely.

The woman also reportedly claims to have regained consciousness with Bauer anally penetrating her without her consent, citing a text message she received from him on July 22, 2014:

“I want to f*** you while you’re completely unconscious.”

The relationship allegedly continued until 2019, when Bauer was traded to the Cincinnati Reds and the woman said she balked at the idea of having to “drive two hours to have sex I’m going to end up not enjoying.” She claims they also argued over him sending her video of another woman performing oral sex on him and tired of being demeaned in ways like having tickets left for her under the name “Dog on Leash."

In response to the allegations, Bauer posted what he said are screengrabs of his text messages with the woman.

He objected to her describing "a fight" as ending their relationship, though she is seen sending him a message reading "Let me know when I'm good enough to not be shoved out the door immediately after." She appears to continue texting him afterward, ranging between messages wishing him a happy birthday and what he claims are redacted sexually explicit content.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 28: Los Angeles Dodgers Starting pitcher Trevor Bauer (27) pitches during the MLB game between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 28, 2021, at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA.  (Photo by Kiyoshi Mio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Trevor Bauer has had three women accuse him of strangling them to unconsciousness. (Photo by Kiyoshi Mio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The allegations are similar with what the other two woman have claimed about Bauer.

The first accuser, who lives in California, claims to have connected with Bauer for consensual sex twice in 2021, with both times resulting in her being choked to unconsciousness. In the first encounter, she says she woke up to him anally penetrating her, which she said she did not consent to. The second time, she says she woke up to him punching her in the head.

The accuser's restraining order was lifted after a judge denied a permanent order, ruling Bauer had honored the accuser's boundaries as she had set them and the accuser was "materially misleading" with an omission of certain text messages, including "get a couple of slaps in there" and "give me all the pain" in her filing for the temporary order.

The second accuser, who lives in Ohio, sought a protective order in 2017 after allegedly receiving threats from Bauer following an incident in which she claims she showed police photos of her blood-reddened eyes, which she said were from being non-consensually choked to unconsciousness.

Both cases, and Bauer's all-out denials and reprisals, reportedly moved the third accuser to come forward despite her own fears of retaliation.

From the Post:

“You can only call so many women crazy before people are like, ‘But hey, what’s the common theme here?'" she said of Bauer. "And it’s you.”

Bauer's camp responds to allegations

The full statement from Bauer's representatives:

"Mr. Bauer unequivocally denies the false and defamatory allegations made in The Washington Post. Throughout our interactions, Gus Garcia-Roberts has continued to ignore and failed to thoroughly investigate any information contrary to his intended narrative."

As it relates to the Columbus woman, we had a casual and wholly consensual sexual relationship from 2013-2018 that began during my time with Triple-A Columbus Clippers. We primarily saw each other in 2013-2014 and we met maybe 1-2x per year after that until 2018. We met for sex the majority of times we saw each other, primarily in 2013, early 2014 and last in 2018. None of our meetings ever involved a single non-consensual, let alone illegal, act. In fact, she is the one who introduced me to choking, both in our relationship and as a consensual act during sex.

The incidents she detailed to the Washington Post – and specifically the one that involved non-consensual choking in which she claims to have convulsed and woken up on a hotel floor – absolutely never occurred, in any capacity. Additionally, at no point during sex or otherwise did I ever hit her.

Since 2019 alone, this woman has sent me 139 sexually explicit photos and videos in which she is self-performing various acts and self-penetrating with various objects, often saying things like “wish this was you”. Across hundreds of messages during this period, she also requested on numerous occasions the various acts which she now claims, for the first time, were problematic. For example, writing "just fuck my ass and choke me… that’s all I want” and "will you fuck me with [anal beads] in… it would be fun to try… and I want you to film it”. Given the explicit contents of these messages, I do not plan share them in their entirety.

Despite claiming to the Washington Post that she did not reach out to me after a “fight” in 2019 — which involved her wanting her to visit me for sex and me asking if she planned to stay the night or not because I wasn’t sure if she had work the next day, and she took offense— this woman has continued to contact me through 2021 to share additional unsolicited sexually explicit videos, to make small talk, wish me happy birthday multiple times and even to ask a personal favor. I had not responded to a single message since the non-existent “fight”.

Following these messages with no response, the woman hired a lawyer who attempted to solicit a financial settlement on October 19, 2021 in exchange for resolving her "issue" and not to speak with MLB. I refuse to be extorted and declined.

Upon Gus Garcia-Roberts reaching out with the usual fire drill deadline, my representatives made him, his editor and WP legal counsel aware of a wealth of information contrary to what was alleged and again questioned his motivations and the pattern of unethical conduct he has exhibited since July. After spending 10 months looking into my sex life, he spent at most 3.5 days looking into any contrary information that didn’t align with the narrative he already decided on. Since July, Gus has referred to me as the "Harvey Weinstein of baseball” among other similar references. He has continued to pursue anything — regardless of evidence, corroboration, contrary information or motives — that he can force into supporting this concept while ignoring everything that contradicts that notion.