Trevor finally addressed those girlfriend accusations during the 'Love Is Blind' reunion. It didn't go well.

Trevor Sova in the season 6 reunion of Love is Blind
Extremely yikes.Greg Gayne/Netflix
  • Trevor was on the losing end of a love triangle with Chelsea and Jimmy on "Love Is Blind."

  • He was a fan favorite at first. That was derailed when a woman said they were dating while he filmed the show.

  • Here's what Trevor said about the controversy at the reunion, and what he's been up to since the show.

Trevor Sova had one of the swiftest downfalls in "Love Is Blind" history.

Trevor was an early fan favorite on the show after he was on the losing end of a love triangle with Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell. He appeared to quickly hit it off with Chelsea as the two bonded over their similar senses of humor. Trevor was vocally all-in on Chelsea from the start and didn't hesitate to make that known both to her and to the other men.

In the end, Jimmy and Chelsea chose one another, leaving Trevor blindsided and heartbroken — and that led to Trevor getting a ton of love on social media. That heartbroken good-guy edit was a large part of the reason Natalia Marrero came forward, she previously told Business Insider in a Zoom call.

Natalia, a North Carolina-based bodybuilder who told BI she met and started dating Trevor long-distance in September 2022 after he messaged her on Instagram, contacted the blogger Reality Ashley after "Love Is Blind" season six premiered to say that she and Trevor were in a serious relationship before and throughout filming of the dating show. She also shared a video recording of the texts she exchanged with him.

Ashley shared Natalia's texts with Trevor and photos of the two together on Instagram and also connected Natalia with @storytimewithrikkii, another TikToker who she frequently works with on "Love Is Blind" stories. Rikkii posted the texts and broke down the story in an almost 7-minute TikTok that has since been viewed more than 1.6 million times to date.

Trevor remained silent even as the allegations exploded on social media — until his appearance at Wednesday's "Love Is Blind" reunion confirmed the texts were real.

Trevor broke his silence at the 'Love Is Blind' reunion

Sarah Ann, Jeramey, Trevor, and Jessica at the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion
It was awkward.Netflix

During the reunion, Nick and Vanessa Lachey confronted Trevor with some of the texts he exchanged with Natalia (the Lacheys didn't mention Natalia by name in the reunion).

To start, Trevor claimed that he "was not dating her technically" because he'd "never said, 'Will you be my girlfriend?' before the show started." He did admit that they were close and that she was the "typical girl" he'd go for in real life.

"I told her before, 'I want to go on this to try to experiment with something else,'" Trevor said at the reunion. "There's no justifying that. That sounds fucking horrible what I just said, and that is horrible. But I wanted to do this. Like, I wanted to meet somebody that I wouldn't go for in real life."

Regarding the content of his texts with Natalia, he acknowledged that it was "fucked up" that he "acted like that with someone else right before going on and right after" the show. But he also insisted that he'd told her that the two of them were "toxic together" and that if he met someone on "Love Is Blind," he'd be with them and not her.

(Natalia posted more screenshots on her Instagram story of April 2023 texts she says she exchanged with Trevor, which were captured by @storytimewithrikkii, where he told her that when he was in the pods "I never questioned who I'd be with even if I got engaged" and reassured her "it was always you and will always be you." Trevor hasn't appeared to respond to this.)

"I need a lot of, like, therapy. I went into this, like, I know I'm toxic, I know I need to fucking change," Trevor said.

Vanessa Lachey asked Trevor if he'd gone on the show to further his career by being on TV, as Natalia claimed he told her.

"No, what career? I did come here for good and bad reasons," he said. "I can't take back that I went on the show. I'm glad I went on the show cause it taught me a lot about myself."

Trevor then addressed Chelsea directly, reassuring her that he was himself in the pods.

"Any clarity you need off-camera, I will give to you. You're the only person that I owe any response to," he told Chelsea. "Like, I don't give a fuck about people online, I don't need to respond to them. But you, if you need that, I will give it to you."

Trevor was an early fan favorite on 'Love Is Blind' until Natalia came forward

BI previously spoke to Natalia, who shared her texts with Trevor, and verified that the phone number attached to the texts is linked to him.

In the late March 2023 texts, which were viewed by BI, Trevor speaks lovingly to Natalia and says he's going to marry her even while discussing his intention to go on the show. (Natalia told BI that Trevor was contacted by a casting director in October 2022, early in their relationship, but that their relationship had gotten more serious by the time he finalized his participation in the show in early March 2023.)

In the April 2023 texts, which were sent after he returned from his 10 days filming the show, Trevor also says he had to pretend it wasn't real life to say anything he said on "Love Is Blind."

But at the end of the text exchange, which wasn't shown during the reunion, Trevor breaks up with Natalia in early February 2024, weeks before the season started airing. Natalia says he tried ghosting her three weeks before the show premiered.

"I honestly think he would've never spoken to me again if I hadn't made him," she told BI. "I made him talk to me and he broke up with me. And that was literally two weeks before the show came out."

"The timing just didn't feel right, looking back on it," added Natalia, who says that she and Trevor continued to speak to one another for a time after their breakup until she told him she could no longer have contact with him because it was hurting her.

Natalia, who said their relationship was great after Trevor returned from "Love Is Blind" filming in April, says she was blindsided when their relationship began to deteriorate around November 2023.

She decided to come forward about their relationship as part of her own healing process. Although she'd known Trevor would be on the show, which she says he'd told her would be beneficial for setting them up financially as a couple, and supported it, she hadn't anticipated how difficult it would be to see his "love story" play out on screen — or to see him play into his heartbroken good-guy edit on social media as the season aired.

"I don't want to hurt Trevor in any way, shape, or form, but I was hurting really badly," Natalia told BI. "It was really hard for me to see him being portrayed the way that he was, and really leaning into that on social media, knowing the truth."

Natalia said Trevor told her he'd be shown prominently on the show since Chelsea and Jimmy's engagement was followed during the season and that he'd get a favorable edit.

"It was really hard for me to think that if I stayed silent he would continue on feeding the persona he was portrayed as on the show," she told BI. "And then would've acted like I had never existed for the rest of his life."

Trevor is a rumored cast member on 'Perfect Match' season 2

Natalia told BI that she and Trevor continued dating after he returned from "Love Is Blind" and that everything was "great" between them. Eventually, however, Natalia said that Trevor told her he had the opportunity to go on another Netflix dating show, "Perfect Match" season two, and that he wanted to do it to further his career and set up their financial future.

According to Natalia, Trevor filmed "Perfect Match" around August 2023. She said the two were together during and after filming until their relationship started to go south in November.

Netflix hasn't responded to previous requests for comment regarding rumored "Perfect Match" season two casting, and neither Trevor nor the Lacheys addressed his alleged appearance on that show during the "Love Is Blind" reunion.

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