Tributes to dog who got prosthetic leg from Echo appeal: 'He got to be normal again'

Shadow with owners Sara and Kyle May
Shadow with owners Sara and Kyle May

A German Shepherd that was given a prosthetic leg and a new lease of life thanks to a Daily Echo appeal has died peacefully at the age of 13.

Shadow was caught in a bear trap in Spain in 2012 and taken in by the May family, after being abandoned by his original owner.

An appeal to raise money by the Echo in 2014 meant that Shadow was able to have his own prosthesis fitted.

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The appeal raised £6000 and meant that the German Shepherd was able to live “long, loving and happy life.”

Shadow's owner, Brandon May, 31, a university lecturer from Ashurst, said: “The prosthetic leg was a new lease of life for Shadow.

“He was finally able to go walking in the park, run around and socialise with other dogs.

“Shadow loved going on long walks in the forest and that would not have been possible without the support of the Echo readers that donated their own money.

“He got to be a normal dog again – you can’t put a price on that.”

Daily Echo:
Daily Echo:

Brandon’s mum Sara May - pictured at the time Shadow got his leg with Kyle May - works for an organisation that rescues injured dogs.

She brought Shadow home as he was on the verge of being put down after suffering displaced hips and arthritis caused by the incident.

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Shadow has not only enjoyed a loving home life, but also a successful television career, appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh Show and Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs.

Daily Echo:
Daily Echo:

The lecturer said that the prosthetic leg was able to minimise any of Shadow's hip issues and allowed him to live to the age of 13.

Brandon added: “He was such a happy-go-lucky dog and was absolutely fantastic with my two children.

“We miss him greatly but are so happy we were able to give him the long and happy life that he deserved.

“Thank you to all the Echo readers that donated money for Shadow in 2014.”