I tried 7 foods from Costco that the internet recommended, and I'd buy all but one of them again

I tried 7 foods from Costco that the internet recommended, and I'd buy all but one of them again
  • I tried a bunch of Costco foods I learned about from TikTok.

  • The Starbucks sous-vide egg bites and peanut-butter chocolate-cream pie were great.

  • I wouldn't buy the Island Way sorbets again.

I'm a fairly new shopper at Costco — I've only gone twice since getting my membership about a month ago.

The first time I visited the warehouse store, I was overwhelmed by the variety of food, furniture, and clothes. I didn't know what to buy.

So, to prepare for my next Costco trip, I scoured TikTok for inspiration. Then, I bought popular foods to see if they were worth the hype, and if I'd buy them again.

Foster Farms Take Out crispy wings seemed promising.

Take Out crispy wings bags in cardboard displays at a Costco
I chose the Buffalo flavor of the Take Out wings. Megan duBois

One of the Costco food items that seemed to be popular on TikTok was the wings from Foster Farms.

TikTok user @lowcarblove said the Take Out wings always come out super crispy and are even good plain.

I found them at my local Costco with classic Buffalo sauce or sweet-chipotle barbecue sauce. I chose Buffalo.

The wings lived up to the hype from TikTok.

A small stack of buffalo wings on a white plate
The chicken wings were pretty crispy. Megan duBois

After making a small batch of chicken wings in the air fryer for lunch, I agreed that these were worth the hype.

The wings were plump and juicy, and the skin was somewhat crispy. I'd cook them longer next time to ensure the skin gets even crunchier.

I'd also toss these in the sauce and then pop them back into the air fryer for a few minutes to allow the sauce to adhere to the wings and create more of a sticky glaze.

The Just Bare lightly breaded chicken-breast chunks are supposedly a dupe for Chick-fil-A nuggets.

Just Bare lightly breaded chicken breast chunks in large bags in the Costco freezer section
The Just Bare lightly breaded chicken-breast chunks were in the freezer section at Costco.Megan duBois

I love Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets, but I hate waiting in lines at the fast-food restaurant — and the chain is closed on Sundays.

Fortunately, according to some folks on TikTok, I can get my fix at Costco.

In a video with over 52,000 likes, TikTok user @worthabuck said the Just Bare lightly breaded chicken-breast chunks found at Costco are a great dupe for the fast-food giant's nuggets.

I didn't think these tasted like they were from Chick-fil-A, but they were good.

Golden-brown crispy chunks of chicken breast with breading on them
The Just Bare nuggets were easy to prepare. Megan duBois

After cooking the chicken nuggets in my air fryer, I didn't think they tasted like the ones from Chick-fil-A.

Although the breading style was similar, the Just Bare nuggets lacked some of the sweetness that the fast-food ones have.

They were good, though, and I'd still buy them to cook for an easy lunch or serve for game night.

Bibigo steamed dumplings seemed to be a staple for many TikTokers.

Bibigo Steamed dumplings in boxes at Costco
I'm usually a fan of Bibigo products. Megan duBois

After watching a video from TikTok user @paulzedrich, which has over 1.4 million views, I knew I had to try the Bibigo steamed dumplings.

In the video, he added the sauce and chili oil to them. They looked delicious.

He tried the pork and vegetable dumplings, but I could only find the chicken and vegetable variety.

The dumplings were great when I steamed them.

A plate of steamed dumplings next to a bowl of dark-brown sauce on a countertop
The dumplings tasted best when I steamed them. Megan duBois

I've really enjoyed Bibigo's other potstickers and dumplings, so I had high expectations for these.

When I made these for the first time, I put them in the microwave like the directions said. Even though the filling was flavorful and juicy, I thought the dumpling wrapper was a bit rubbery.

On a second attempt, I steamed the dumplings in a bamboo steamer over boiling water for 10 minutes.

I liked the dumplings much better this way. The filling was still tasty, but the wrapper was soft and easy to get through.

I would definitely buy these again, but only cook them in an actual steamer.

The Island Way sorbets looked beautiful.

Island Way sorbet boxes stacked on top of each other in Costco
Island Way sorbets are served in fruit halves. Megan duBois

I love frozen treats, so I was excited to try the Island Way sorbets I saw in a video from TikTok user @Kate with over 380,000 views.

The sorbet comes in four flavors: passionate mango, zesty pomegranate, heavenly coconut, and ruby red berry.

I liked that each sorbet was beautifully served inside a fruit of the same flavor.

I likely won't be buying these sorbets again.

Icy white sorbet in half of a coconut next to reddish colored sorbet with ice bits on it in a grapefruit half
I was a bit underwhelmed by the sorbets.Megan duBois

The coconut sorbet tasted very authentic, but the ruby-red grapefruit one tasted a bit too artificial to me.

Since I didn't love every flavor and the individual packages were so bulky, I wouldn't buy this TikTok favorite again.

The Starbucks sous-vide egg bites seemed promising.

The Starbucks sous-vide egg bites stacked in boxes in a Costco endcap display
Costco has Starbucks sous-vide egg bites.Megan duBois

When I go to Starbucks for breakfast on road trips, I usually get the bacon and Gruyere sous-vide egg bites.

Fortunately, this tasty breakfast can be found at Costco and has gone viral thanks to TikTok users like @sincerelyjulesxo, whose video preparing the egg bites has over 1.5 million views.

She prepared the egg bites by putting them into a muffin pan and baking them in the oven.

I tried cooking these two ways, but only one made them taste like I got them from the Starbucks drive-thru.

Browned Starbucks sous-vide egg bites from Costco after they were in the air fryer
I was excited to make Starbucks sous-vide egg bites at home. Megan duBois

When I first cooked these, I put them in the convection oven for about 10 minutes. They got warm but didn't brown on top like the ones I get in person from Starbucks.

Next, I tried air-frying them for 10 minutes. When the timer went off, the egg bites were browned on top and the bacon was crispy.

I'll buy these again, but I'll only cook them in the air fryer.

The viral Kirkland Signature peanut-butter chocolate-cream pie was hard to find.

A fridge display in Costco with a few chocolate-peanut butter pies in plastic packaging
The Kirkland Signature peanut-butter chocolate-cream pie can be tricky to find. Megan duBois

I've seen many TikTokers talk about the peanut-butter chocolate-cream pie from Costco, including user @bullseyeonthebargain.

The video of her digging into the pie in a Costco parking lot has over 144,000 likes.

Based on other videos I saw, this pie can be hard to find in stores. Fortunately, I found a few left at my local Costco.

This pie may be my new favorite store-bought dessert.

The chocolate-peanut butter pie from Costco in its black plastic packaging on a countertop
The peanut-butter chocolate-cream pie is meant to be shared. Megan duBois

I love chocolate and peanut butter, so it seemed right to try this viral dessert, which is nearly 5 pounds.

When I first cut into the pie, I underestimated how much mousse was piled on the graham-cracker crust.

The pie was sweet without being too sweet, and the peanut-butter flavor cut through the chocolate really well.

The only thing that's bad about having a pie that's over 4 pounds is that it can be hard to eat all of it before it goes bad.

Because of this, I shared the pie with my family and a friend, but some users on TikTok noted the pie freezes well, so I might try that next time.

Nature's Garden Yoggies seemed to be a TikTok hit.

A Costco display of Nature's Garden probiotic Yoggies in large red bags on cardboard boxes
I bought Yoggies in the strawberry flavor. Megan duBois

I'm always searching for an easy snack to take with me on trips, and some people online can't seem to get enough of the Nature's Garden Probiotic Strawberry Yoggies from Costco.

In a video with over 54,000 likes, TikTok user @cook_with_me007 said she wants to buy an entire palett of the snack.

They're essentially strawberry-flavored gummies enrobed in a yogurt base.

These will be great to have in my purse while I'm traveling.

Tiny yogurt balls in a white bowl
These would be easy to take with me in a resealable baggie. Megan duBois

The snack was sweet and the yogurt tasted like white chocolate to me.

I also liked that these bites didn't make my fingers feel sticky after I finished eating them, a major bonus if I am eating these at a theme park or on a plane.

I can definitely see myself putting these in my purse to have for a quick snack while I'm out and about.

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