'I tried trendy new pizza slice place Civerinos and bigger is not always better'

We review Civerinos in Finnieston <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
We review Civerinos in Finnieston (Image: Newsquest)

The Glasgow Times is on the hunt for the best takeaway lunch spot in the city. We are looking for your recommendations across the city centre, North Glasgow, East End, Southside and West End, and will be judging food based on Value for Money, Taste, Atmosphere, Service and Variety.

You could throw a stone in Glasgow and hit a pizza restaurant - but getting your pie by the slice was tough before Civerinos moved in last week.

Promising an authentic New York-style experience, the Finnieston Slice Bar on Radnor Street has received a lot of hype since opening.

I arrive at the trendy new pizzeria around 1pm and order a slice of pepperoni (sugo, mozzarella, pepperoni, topped with parsley and parmesan) from the Slices & Pies To Go window.

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The slice costs £6 so at £3 for a can of Diet Coke, it will be water back at the office for me.

The service is pleasant and quick, and I'm told it will only take a few minutes for my pizza to be ready.

Takeaway slices are served on paper plates, I'm told. One look at the sideways rain outside and I ask if there is any other option, anything to shield my lunch from the elements? My only choice is a full-sized pizza box for £1.

Five minutes after entering the joint, I'm handed my takeaway and back to the office I go.

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At Civerinos, "bigger is always better", but looking at the monstrous slice of pizza I was meant to carry away on a paper plate I feel a bit crestfallen, foolish even.

There is a reasonable expectation when you get a takeaway slice that eating it on the go will not amount to an embarrassing spectacle.

But the size of this thing (1/4 of a 20" pizza) is a bit over the top. Value for money, yes, but I wish I had asked them to cut it in half.

Better yet, I would love a slice at half the size and half the price - the way they do it in New York.

The pizza itself is good and the parsley is a nice touch. I would go back for a casual sit-in lunch, but my quest for a good all-around takeaway slice in Glasgow continues...

What's the verdict?

Value for Money: 2.5/5 - The slices range from £4.50 to £6.50 which is alright - but the maths don't seem to add up. A slice of pizza is 1/4 of a 20", but a slice of pepperoni is £6 and a 20" pepperoni is £27.50. A 500ml bottle of water will set you back £4. Can of juice? £3.

Taste: 4/5 - The pizza was good. Thin dough, pillowy crust. Not too tomato-ey.

Atmosphere: 4/5 - A few tables were inside already for lunch. Owners have done a nice job of the interior which is mostly plywood and inspired by skate parks. If you like a back on your chair arrive before your pal and take the coveted booth seat - the rest are stools.

Service: 4/5 - The person who helped me was nice and efficient. There was half a dozen staff on shift and all appeared attentive and kind.

Variety: 3/5 - There are 15 different pizzas as well as sides, extras, and dips. There are vegan and veggie options but no gluten-free items.

Overall score: 17.5/25