Trivia Time: Do you remember which teams these MLB free agents signed with?

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So we’re going to have a baseball season. That’s the big news of the week. Unless COVID-19 comes and wipes it out again.

Do you remember this year’s free-agent class? The winter meetings were six months ago, but they actually feel like six years ago at this point. As baseball gets ready to restart — camps open next week! — you may need a refresher on where MLB actually stands from a storyline/roster perspective after all these months of talk about money and virus testing.

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So here’s some weekend fun for ya: In this week’s Trivia Time, we’re seeing how well you remember those free-agent signings of the winter/early spring. We won’t ask you about Gerrit Cole and the Yankees, because everybody knows that’s one, but let’s see who else you remember.

(Michael Wagstaffe / Yahoo Sports)
(Michael Wagstaffe / Yahoo Sports)

Well, how did you do?

12-for-12: Nailed it! Call Scott Boras and get yourself a $100 million contract.

9-11: Solid outing. Cheers! You’re getting two years for $35 million.

6-8: You’ve earned a one-year deal on a contending team.

5 or fewer: Eek. Sorry, friend, only a minor-league deal for you.

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