The True Extent of Marco 'Miracle' Silva's Hull City Turnaround Is Genuinely Astonishing

Chris Deeley

​Marco Silva's dead good, isn't he? Hull City have looked a completely different team since he took over in early January, and managed to zip their way out of the relegation zone with a 4-2 win over Middlesbrough on Wednesday night. 

Not only was that the most goals any side has scored in a game against Boro this season, it means that the relegation battlers would now be in fourth place if the league started when Silva took over. Fourth! 

In those 11 games, Hull have picked up more four more points than they did in the previous 20. More than Liverpool. More than four times as many as Middlesbrough. 

Marco Silva is dead good. 

He may or may not be a petty man. Not that many in English football know him well enough to say for sure, yet. But if he has a single petty bone in his body, he'll be grinning like a big grinny thing when he thinks back to Paul Merson's comments when he was appointed at the KCOM. 

Paul  "I could win the league with Olympiakos. They've won it 107 times, and it's only been going 106 years" Merson. 

Paul " There’s enough British managers out there, come the top of my head, why not Thierry Henry?" Merson

Paul "W hat does he know about Hull? What does he know about the Premier League? What does he know?" Merson

Paul "What's left of my brain is slowly dribbling out of my ears and it's made Jeff Stelling so uncomfortably that he's decided to leave Sky" Merson.

Phil " He doesn’t know what’s required here. That is the difference" Thompson can do one, too.

Anyway, Marco Silva is brilliant. And Hull are good again, except for behind the scenes where they are an absolute trainwreck. And...the West Ham job might be open soon...

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